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Why do Guinea pigs squeak?

Guinea pigs belong to the species of domesticated rodents. They often contain home, as they can be called almost the perfect family pet: they are of small size, are contained in the cell, does not require a lot of power, they are easy to clean and so on. So she can handle even a child, not to mention the grown man.

These animals are very affectionate and gentle, almost never bite. Experts say that they can be trained to respond to the name that you give to the animal. Of course, it’s not easy, but possible. And pigs love to publish the various sounds. For example, when you take a pet into the hands or he sees you after some time after the absence, it welcomes you with a kind of squeak.

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Pet knows how to beg. How exactly? Imagine that you keep your pet in a cage in the kitchen, or just moved it there on time. At this time, begin to take out of the fridge some delicacy, and here I hear a persistent squeak from the Guinea pigs it it requires to share the product with her. By the way, not necessarily that she’s hungry. Rather simply engaged in begging. Give her a treat or not, you decide, but keep in mind that the beggar can begin to do so constantly.

Often the sound symbolizes that the pet is really hungry and it would be nice to feed him. Don’t forget about it — you just go to eat once the hunger came, isn’t it?

Adult females often squeak because I want to communicate with the opposite sex. However, the same thing applies to males. Such is the nature of animals, there’s no getting around it.

If you have a zoo consisting of Guinea pigs, “mighty” squeak may make a home from relatives, showing your superiority over others.

If we talk about the little pigs, they also make sounds, and very funny. That’s just the fact that they squeal out of fear, therefore it is highly desirable that the mother was always near them.

Fear can and adults, for example when you just bought the animal. Eventually it will get used to you and to the environment and cease to emit a mournful sound.

The squeak could symbolize the pain. In addition, he can talk, say, about constipation. Take this into consideration.

Finally, therefore, the pig is just trying to communicate with you. Answer her in return.

Why do Guinea pigs jump?

This issue is quite simple. If you saw the pet started to jump in his cage, showing their activity, then he needs to move. For your part, you can help the animal, releasing him from the cage and allowed to run around outside. Let relax. However, watch out for the pig, because she can easily hide from your eyes, so much so that they’ll be looking for her the rest of the day.

For what it is necessary to give exercise to these cute creatures? They are prone to obesity and if you will sit in the cage without moving, then get fat and can hardly move normally. By the way, unlike the hamsters in the cage to the pigs running wheel is not put, because the animal body is certainly not adapted to it. For the same reason, a fall even from a low height can injure your pet.

But back to the jumping. Very often the pet begins to jump after a good meal. This means that the food is like and he fed, for what you put thanks. Jumping this is very funny and makes you smile, sometimes even laughter.