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What human medicines can give a pet?

There are times when you cannot contact the vet, and to ease the condition of the animal is urgently needed. Often, owners turn to the contents of their kits that is fundamentally wrong. Many drugs for people is not only not help but will further hurt your pet. And it’s not just the dosage. In most human medications contain substances which can lead to death. Therefore, in no case can not engage in self-treatment of their Pets. Below we will look at what human medications can not give a pet.

Drugs, dangerous for animals

Even the most secure, it would seem that iodine can be dangerous. In addition to skin burns, it can cause anaphylaxis. It is impossible to give even simple vitamins. They are not digested by animals, and the sweet shell can cause allergic reactions.

Normal body temperature in cats and dogs varies from 37 to 39 degrees. If, after measurements (which are held thermometer through the anus), noticed the increase, that in no case should one try to bring it down with drugs like aspirin. This will lead to bleeding disorders and can cause intestinal bleeding. Paracetamol and other antipyretics can have a negative impact on rabotabcem and liver.

Should not be used to treat kidney Nospanum, in the form of injections including. It can cause partial immobilization of the hind limbs and vomiting.

In any case it is impossible to apply sedatives. Even Valerian, not to mention others. And if an infusion of Valerian may be habit-forming, and in the future to turn aggressive behavior of your pet, the stronger drugs have a very negative impact on the heart. They can cause arrhythmia and tachycardia. Sleeping pills also can cause coma.

If your pet has problems with motion, especially if it diarrhoea, do not trust advertising and to give animal Imodium. On some dogs it just does not work, while others can cause serious damage to the Central nervous system and cause death of the animal.

Almost one hundred percent probability could become deadly any drugs containing diclofenac. Just one pill, and the consequences will be irreversible.

When treating parasites it is impossible to use ointments and suspensions, which include those of benzyl benzoate. Carefully study the information on the packaging, or even a small amount of this substance can cause severe poisoning.

What to do?

In this article we have considered only the main drugs that are dangerous to animals that may affect animal health. Remember, any treatment can be prescribed only by the attending physician. Neither the forum nor the one who you cannot replace a qualified professional. So always seek advice on prescribing only in veterinary clinics and pay close attention to the data there recommendations. And your home first aid kit store in a remote place, so that animals even accidentally could not get to her.