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What dreams they see cats

Cat owners know that most of the time a pet spends in the sleep state. The period of hibernation is sometimes up to fourteen hours a day. In this case, sleep cat will not necessarily strong, they can doze off and constantly change their position.

During the shallow sleep the cat is just resting but she is able to quickly respond to any stimuli from outside. It is associated with active functioning of the brain of the animal. Cat sleep is quite often accompanied by changes in heart rhythms, pressure, lack of smooth breathing and increased body temperature.

What dreams sees a cat? Scientists came to the conclusion that, first of all, the cat is not only dreaming dreams, but they have colors: blue, green, red. It is believed that these three colors an animal sees. Colored dreams are not as colorful and vibrant a color as in humans.

There is still a question the answer to which scientists are looking for – you see cats that are not in the real world? Neurologists, vets not able to give this question a definitive answer, but almost all come to the conclusion that the physiology and behavior of cats is very similar to human features. What the cat is experiencing in the dream the feeling is still remains a mystery.

In the middle of the twentieth century, scientists in France have suggested that cat’s dreams are related to situations that they experienced in the period of vigorous state. They can also explore the countryside, to hunt,to experience fear and anger, to find food.

By the movements of a pet when it sleeps, we can have an interpreter. If the pet in the dream, grumbles or growls, then she dreams that it produces an important strategy of its behavior towards other cats. And when the cat in the dream makes movements with his paws and claws, so she tries to catch prey.

When the cat suddenly jumps up and starts chasing a non-existent mouse, then you should take her to the doctor. These symptoms are dangerous and suggests that, most likely, the cat had trauma to the head.

Significantly learn what pictures sees a pet and the state is experiencing during sleep, is not possible. A caring owner can only guess what his dream pet in the dream or build up their guesses based on the nature and temperament of the cat.

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About cats

Suspecting the person has a fever, the first thing to touch his forehead. In cats, the same role is played by the tip of the nose. In a healthy animal, the nose cool and damp, thanks to the activity of the mucous glands. If the cat’s indisposed – nose dry and hot, but not always. One of the signs of high temperature is also the desire of a cat to hide from the light in the darkness. In order to ascertain whether there is a temperature, it is better to use a thermometer. Cats measure rectal temperature, inserting a thermometer for 2 -3 minutes in the anus. If the temperature of the cat above 39.5 degrees C, contact your veterinarian

Trained cats jumping through the hand. All very impressive, clear and accessible. Notice regular POPs when performed by a cat exercise.The cat produced a strong reflex to perform a certain action.