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What better pet to have?

Many of us have house Pets. Starting with the usual cats, dogs and hamsters to exotic specimens. like snakes, turtles and spiders. And which Pets give birth more often? Make more of those animals, which need less care.

But before you have a pet you should remember that any kind of pet requires not only care, but also attention. Not unimportant role played by the living space of the future owner, if you live in a Studio apartment, a reasonable person is unlikely to start in such conditions a huge Rottweiler.

Pets – who to start?

What better pet to have? I will begin with the birds is the ideal tenants any apartment. Parrots, Canaries, starlings, and even ravens can live in your apartment. You will need a lot of food, vitamins and timely cleaning of the cage. Birds eat not only grasses and herbs, they also feed on protein food, vegetables and fruits. The only nuisance from birds is that while flying around the room they may evacuate and thereby spoil things.

Setting the stage for the house cat, you acquire to a greater extent undemanding animal. But there are some difficulties. Cat animal is extremely clean, so once you go on the tray, the second time it will not go, because after each use it is necessary to clean up.Otherwise you’ll have to wash the mats, wipe the puddle and clean up the piles all over the apartment.

Longhaired cats need to constantly brush the coat. Cats, and especially young ones need to play consistently. All cats, without exception, need a place for sharpening claws and many of them choose a few such places, so the cat will have to accustom to the order, if you do not want it ripped off all the doors, jambs, chairs and sofas.

The dog – not the cat, her claws sharpening is not necessary, but dog loves to chew bones. No the dog bones will chew anything. The dog will always have to walk at least two times a day. I can’t stand every morning to get up early – the dog is not your pet. Dogs are usually animals are very mobile and ideal for people easy going. The homebody is better to make the animal calmer.

Fans of the exotic like snake. For snakes, the care is minimal, snakes are practically never ill. What do I need for a pet such as snake? Aquarium and live mouse once a week. Kind, sensitive and emotional natures that your pet have strictly contraindicated. However, there are some species of snakes that do eat dead mice, but it is necessary to specify in advance.

Turtles are also quite undemanding, but they are so sedentary that actually in your house will live live estate. Almost all species of turtles in the winter hibernate. Turtles can be fed dry food sold in pet stores and conventional vegetable type cabbage and carrots.

Arthropods, at home live perfectly, however, make them extremely rare because of his shabby appearance. Eating spiders is completely unpretentious, animals and feed on all that is less their size. They eat all small insects, from flies cocotech and ending with crickets and cockroaches. Large individuals eat frogs and mice.

To have a pet at home can, only we should rather not choose a pet and the care that you can provide. Because the most important thing here is to have the willingness to care for the animal in full.