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The decision to have a pet is usually taken by all members of your family after home Council, which takes into account all the pros and cons. This decision should not be in any case a momentary and spontaneous, because it determines your peace and well-being, and the life and health of your future pet

You should make a list of the necessary accessories for the care of animals, not to have misunderstandings. If you are well prepared to meet the new member of your family, nothing will spoil the joy of communicating with your pet. What could be nicer and more touching than the care of the little puppy or kitten grows and develops before your eyes and responds to you endless love and devotion?

First, determine whether your house is a place for the animal. Large animals require a lot of space for living and games, unlike those of animals contained in a cage and who only have a small deck on the table. Depending on the free space you have, and you should approach the selection of a pet.

Think about how a pet will fit into your lifestyle. Will you be able to set aside time twice a day daily to walk the dog? In addition, any animal needs companionship and attention, so you’ll just have every day to pay for some time. Some animals from the lack of communication and affection can even get sick.

Maneewan not a material issue. Calculate your budget – how much are you willing to pay for the animal and willing to pay for the services of a veterinarian, both planned and in case of illness of an animal?

Find out whether you have the legal right to have a large animal in the house? The fact that some terms of the lease of premises provide for agreements that include the size of the animal, is permitted in a given area. So read all the necessary rules before you have a pet.

Choose where you will purchase the animal. You can buy it at the pet store, but if you want to have a purebred with a good pedigree, it is better to take it from breeders, having all of the required documents and certificates.

Let’s say you love to travel and spend a lot of time on the road. Will you have the opportunity to take an animal with you on your trip, or you can provide your pet with all the necessary conditions for the duration of your absence?

If you have got a pet, you will need to always have on hand a veterinary care just in case.

Now, how you and your family usually have a rest, spend your free time. Fit whether you purchased the animal at your leisure, will rejoice together with you? After all, your pet is a full member of the family, and you should not leave him alone in the house, going on a picnic, etc.

Do not suffer if you or your relatives are allergic to animal dander? Remember when you visited friends or relatives that have animals, not the feeling – maybe after you visit ailments? Be sure to ask for it in advance, so you do not have to urgently get rid of pet that will cause stress for you and the animal.

If you have other Pets, consider how they will perceive the arrival of a new tenant? Because the animal thinks your house is his territory and his master, and the emergence of a competitor can be met very negatively.

Have you had animals before, and you have experience with them? That’s fine. Otherwise you should learn some information about how to properly care for, feed, educate pet.

And the last thing that you need to decide who will be responsible for the animal. Whether it’s one person or the whole family – you decide. Distribute responsibilities for the care of your pet between all members of the family and make sure that all are equally in good faith will be required.

If, after reading all the above you still have a pet, then your decision is firm and you really are ready for this step. We wish joy and prosperity to you and your pet.