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The Welsh Corgi

According to the legend, the Welsh Corgi got to the people only thanks to the unprecedented generosity of the fairies. These air create a charming used dogs for transportation, and in memory of this the Corgi at the back is still a stain in the shape of the seat.

Looking for the smartest and kindest dogs of this breed, and I want to believe in their fairy-tale origin! But if to trust the boring facts, the Welsh Corgi is one of the first herding dogs, bring happiness to its appearance humanity even in the tenth century.

By the way, the name of the breed in the homeland of these dogs, in the South-Western part of Wales, translated as “dwarf dog of Wales”. Popularity of funny dogs owes a lot to hot and continuing attachment to the British Queen Elizabeth II. First puppy of this breed has received as a gift from his father, being a seven year old girl, and since then has never changed his love for the sweetest representatives of the dwarf tribe.

Corgi, really, not giants: only 30 cm height and 12-15 kg of weight – that’s all the dimensions, but these hidden parameters is the number of positive energy, so much wit, insight, devotion and love that is more than enough for a few rocks. Among breed Welsh Corgi there are two varieties – the Pembroke and cardigans, with significant similarities, have some differences.

The Pembroke appearance great resemble foxes and Golden coat color, and the shape and position of the head and the presence of white markings on the body, and wide-set ears elongated, and the structure of the body. The expression in Pembroke such as if they smile, and brown eyes always splashing sparks of benevolence and intelligence.

Cardigans look a bit more thoroughly and decisively: they have slightly longer legs, are substantially more massive than the thorax and slightly more serious look.

The hair both shiny and silky, and the most popular colors, besides red and white, to emphasise the tricolor (mixed with black), pure black, brindle and deer. Corgis do not require complex care: periodically comb out the hair (especially intensively – in the moulting period), clean the ears, to monitor physical activity of the dog and its diet – that’s all that will be required from the owner of the content of this pet.

However, to control the power of the dogs have very tough, because the tendency to overeat is the weakness of all without exception representatives of the breed. If you do not find the strength for a decisive response ingenious inventions Pets, high risk to turn the movable dog in a clumsy hulking creature. But if you stand firm in the education, you will get a perfectly trained teams and good dog manners.

The learning from Corgi reaches incredible heights: most of the commands they learn almost from the first workout, so training them is a pleasure. They are not vindictive and are not inclined to do mischief, do not give explicitly one owner, sharing the warm feelings equally among all family members, do not bark in vain and are ready to defend “territory under the jurisdiction of” together with its inhabitants in case of danger to the last breath.

And that’s not all. Corgi tactful, well feel the mood of the owner and will never be cheeky to demand communication, if the host is not in the spirit. Moreover, these amazing creatures have an innate sense of humor, so the tension in the house will be able to defuse a hilarious prank.

And don’t forget that the purpose of these dogs to protect the flock entrusted to them, so don’t be surprised if the Corgi on puppies begin to nibble at the heels of family members in persistent attempts to collect all together.