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The most unusual and expensive Pets

People have Pets for various reasons, some people prefer more traditional variants — dogs, cats, or fish, and someone is chasing exotic. But today you will surprise nobody fancy breed. We turned to the largest online classifieds service OLX and found out what amazing creatures can be found in the Dnipropetrovsk region.

In the Dnipropetrovsk region on OLX are more than 20,000 active offers in the category “Animals”. The most expensive purchase last month was Pomeranian puppy for 25,000 USD. And the most expensive active listing on OLX today — a dwarf Spitz for $6 000 (

137 000 UAH). Unusual Pets are choosing to 2.4%* of the buyers of the resource. Among the most popular requests: Chihuahua, chinchilla, sphinxes, turtles.

Caring for exotic Pets can be time consuming, because to contain “non-standard” pet is not easy, but with proper attention and patience he will become your loyal friend.

We offer to your attention the top 10 most amazing and expensive animals in the Dnipropetrovsk region:

1. Opens the rating of home decorative ferret. The small size of the animal allows you to hold it even in nebelleuchten. On OLX “for sale a very smart ferret “, according to the author, the pet is not aggressive, loves to swim, vaccinated. The cost of such animal — 1 200 UAH.

2. Spiders remain popular because they are quite unpretentious, and contain them easily. If you have a weakness for spiders, you can buy classic spider-tarantula. According to the owner, he is kind and eats well. The cost of this spider — 2 400 UAH.

3. For fans of stories about Harry Potter on the resource there is a special offer. On OLX for 2500 USD sell fosterling of marsh owls. “They are very smart, know how to listen carefully. Age three months, fully independent. Home-grown, manual, adapted for life in an apartment or a cage”.

4. Another wild animal that has adapted to urban life, is the silver Fox. Puppy Fox fur chernoburov will cost you $120 (

2700 USD). Deciding to buy a Fox, keep in mind that this animal needs lots of open space to walk in the apartment it will be crowded.

5. Real connoisseurs will be interested in the emerald boa (or boa sobakovodov). “Sobakovodov Boas are among the most trudnosgoraemyh snakes. However, if you have the boa correctly, unsurpassed beauty of this pet will make him any exotic trophy collection.” Price — $150 (

6. Those who live out of town and am fond of breeding poultry for RS 8000 to purchase this ostrich. Sold two females and two males, breed — black African ostrich. In the future you can think about creating your own ostrich farm.

7. Little raccoons-poloskun received such name due to their habit to wash the food (even clean) in the water. They have a good health, low in nutrition and do not require special care. Price — $500 (

8. A little girl’s dream — a real pony. Sell of animals in connection with the closing of the private zoo. An adult pony can be purchased for UAH 20 000.

9. This exotic white ears will be the monkey-a marmoset. Nutrition requires the same exotic insects, snails, flowers, nectar, fruit. This unusual choice will cost you € 1 300 (

10. Talking macaw parrot (red Macau) will bring into your life bright colors and loud trills. On average these birds live in urban settings, about 60 years, so this parrot will be your faithful friend for years. The transaction price is $3 500 (