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The biggest domestic cats.

These beloved Pets delight their owners for many centuries. Initially, cats did not differ from each other by diversity of species. And only much later these lovely animals started to pay such close attention and outlined the specific features of each type of them. Afterwards, I began experiments on breeding of various kinds, which incorporates the best features. It then began to appear a giant cat with unusual for pet size.

The biggest domestic cat in the world is considered to be the Savannah breed, obtained by crossing a domestic cat and a wild African Serval. Pet reaches 1 meter in height, and feature of this breed is growing. The highest cat is also the most expensive. the price for this curiosity reaches 22 thousand dollars. The breed originated from the 80’s; Savannah has a long elongated body and legs, ears in the form of cups and brindle colour. This breed is smart, calm and curious.

Totally natural cat breed Maine Coon, not exposed to the crossing, is the second after Savannah breed among the other members of the cat, characterised by its large size. The height of these animals is about 40 cm similar in appearance to raccoons, Maine coons are big fluffy tail, black and striped colour and vodauthority.

Home jungle cat or of breed Cause can weigh 18 kg! These cats come from Ancient Egypt, it was then mentioned their breed. Cause grow to 40 cm tall, have massive head and strong body. This is a very graceful cat with weird traits received from their ancestors.

British Shorthair

Short and exceptionally soft wool, rounded shapes and the similarity with plush toy – the distinctive features of British Shorthair cats, the fourth-largest among the large instances. Incredibly beautiful breed of natural origin by many children because of its sweetness.

Quite popular in Russia, the Siberian breed of cats is also surprising for its size along with the rest. These cats originating from Siberia, love to eat a lot and differ extremely long hair and big weighing up to 12 kg. Previously completely wild breed was domesticated Siberian residents.

Norwegian forest cat

Looks like a Maine Coon, Norwegian forest cats are somewhat inferior to the first in size, but also heavy up to 10 kg, therefore, are the fifth among the biggest domestic cats. Prefer the open spaces due to his wild temper.

To big and fluffy animals is part of Turkish van or “swimming” cat, known for his passion for swimming. In addition, the cat is incredibly beautiful and handsome, has a Royal appearance.

Particularly noteworthy is the breed of Pixibob or miniature lynx. Representatives of this breed reach a weight of 10 kg, have a short tail and ears of a brush, like a lynx. Pixiebaby very devoted to their owners and their behavior is often reminiscent of a home dog.

Short-tailed cat breeds Kurilian Bobtail and the American Bobtail cats are the smallest among the biggest domestic cats. Representatives of both species weigh up to 7 kg, have a fluffy coat and a short tail, not typical for the rest of the cats, in breeds of Pixibob. This delightful feature adds these fluffy animal charm.

Despite the impressive size of these Pets, each of them incredibly popular, is the love and pride of their owners!