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Spider-garden spider as a pet

Lately there is a tendency to have unusual Pets. Some of these animals are so unusual that “home” and their language does not turn called. One such animal is the spider is the garden spider.

The variety of spiders got their name due to the peculiar coloration of the abdomen: bright spots emerge in the figure of the cross. This opposite-sex animals are one of the most impressive representatives of their type. Females always larger than males (17-26 vs. 10-11 cm).

Breeding in house conditions

If you have got a individuals of both sexes, should be prepared for the fact that soon after the male dies. This phenomenon is connected with the peculiarities of reproduction of this species. After fertilization females it wakes the hunting instinct and in the absence of escape routes, the male may be eaten. Cocoon laid by the female will hold the eggs from autumn to spring. Then it will begin to crawl out her offspring. By late summer, the offspring will reach sexual maturity and breeding successfully again.

For keeping spiders you can create a terrarium. But it should be noted that, despite its small size, the habitat this species requires a lot of space. This is due to the large scale of their web. The house spider (terrarium) you can buy in the store, and to do with his hands. This may batistessa nakryvaya box with lid and good ventilation. The lining inside of the terrarium should be only from natural materials. Synthetic materials is strictly not allowed as they can be poisonous to the spider. And you cannot put the house under direct sunlight. They will simply kill your pet.

Some people believe that it helps to feed the spiders about three times a week. However, the variety has a good appetite and is not one of those. It is believed that krestovich one day able to eat the amount of food that exceeds his weight.


This kind of spiders lives throughout Europe, including European Russia. Prefers to live in forests but can be found in places of human habitation: the gardens. It is interesting that spiders are constantly repairing their webs every few days weaving a new one. The process of its production happens at night to the morning, when full of the insects she was ready to hunt. The vision of spiders is very bad, he hunts and weaves a web, guided by the sense of touch.

How dangerous is the bite of a garden spider

Most of those who would like to have a spider, holds the fear of a possible bite. Few people know that dangerous actually a spider bite a garden spider. But many people think that such a bite can be fatal.

Actually it is not. Poison spider Crusader is not poisonous to humans. The maximum you can get as a result of the bite is weakness with slight fever and pain in the joints. The exception is people with a strong Allergy to spider venom. Also due to allergies it should not be too often to take the spider in his hands. Microscopic hairs covering his body, can break off and get stuck in the skin, causing an unwanted reaction.

Yes, breeding of spiders in the home is associated with some difficulties and risks. But if you like to make an impression with their individuality, the idea of having spider as your pet would be the best way of expression. And taking care of so unpretentious you are creating will not take a lot of time and effort and give you only bright emotions.