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First, it is important to think about getting a puppy, is his diet. From the nuances of feeding the puppy . especially in the early stages, depends on all its further development. Important factors influencing diet selection of the animal, considered his age and characteristics of the breed. The great Dane requires a fundamental different care than a puppy Chihuahua, respectively, is selected food for them is also different.

To know exactly what to feed your puppy. contact the breeder from whom you purchased the animal. It will provide you with essential information about usual intake and characteristics of feeding. If necessary, the puppy can be transferred to a new food and diet, but you should be patient. Haste may lead to abnormalities in the gastrointestinal tract of the puppy. We recommend that when transferring to a new food mixing it with the old one in the following proportions: 1-2 day 25 % new/75 % old food, day 3-4 — 50/50 %, 5-6 day — 75/25 % of the feed.

There are several options for feeding the puppy wet food, dry food and so-called diet of home cooking.

Diet homemade

Some owners prefer to cook their own food for the puppy. Choosing takavaran power, it is necessary as accurately as possible to calculate the demand of a dog or other substances and vitamins. Often it depends on the age and breed of the dog. The nutritional needs of a dog are different from human. For example, nutrients of plant origin, which are the main sources of energy for humans, is ineffective for dogs. Fibers included in vegetables and grains, can lead to intestinal upset puppy. At the same time, for large dogs, abnormally high fat content in food. Properly balanced ration available when using industrial animal feed.

Wet food

One of the most popular choices for feeding puppies wet food is considered, which is composed of 80 % water. Many people choose just such a variety to provide the dog with sufficient amount of moisture which comes into the organism with food. Often this feed is not provided with a sufficient amount of nutrients and not designed for the peculiarities of different breeds.

Dry food

The optimal answer to the question of how to feed puppies . dry is considered a specialized food. This food contains 9 % moisture and is designed for long storage. The concentration of nutrients is much higher than in the feed wet, and should therefore be the most practical. Feeding puppies dry food implies a permanent presence of the bowl with clean water. Feed Super Premium have high levels of absorption, making the feces of the animal sufficiently hard and compact. Many dry industrial food is designed for dogs of specific breeds and are made based on the characteristics and structure of animals.

The frequency of feeding

The body of a young dog should be provided with sufficient amount of nutrients. The frequency of feedings is inversely proportional to the age of the puppy: 3-month-old dog should be fed 3-4 times a day, 6-month-old puppy needs three meals a day, a year-old dog should eat 2-3 times.

Further, the frequency of feedings is determined by the breed of the puppy and its final weight.

Rules of feeding

  • In addition to a properly sized feed in the process of training a puppy is important the procedure of feeding.
  • Thinking about how to feed the puppy . remember that you should follow simple rules:
  • It is forbidden to feed the dog human food, which can damage the digestive system of the animal.
  • You should feed the dog once ate the owners themselves: thus a man is fixed predominating position in the pack.
  • It is important to monitor the dogs weight and give extra treats.
  • Nothing must interfere with food intake: the extra sounds and signs of attention only screw up the tranquility of the animal.

For dogs of different breeds are sometimes significantly different characteristics such as final weight, length and growth rate. By purchasing a purebred puppy, you should consider these factors when selecting food and calculate daily dose. Specialized dry pet food is filled with all the necessary nutrients for optimal development of the animal and balanced for certain breeds.

Graph the growth of different breeds of dogs an Average daily gain of different breeds

Dogs of small breeds grow to full size within the first year of life, and grow with amazing speed. The weight of a one year old Dachshund often 25 times the weight of a newborn puppy. Dogs medium to large breeds grow much slower: it takes from one to two years to reach final weight. But throughout the year large breed puppy is almost a hundred times heavier, which indicates a high growth rate.

Nutrition and proper diet of a puppy influences his whole life. No less important are the education and the conditions of detention, coupled with heredity, but the power from the first days of life lays the foundations for healthy growth. Choosing what to feed the puppy, pay attention to specialized industrial dog food is designed for animals of various weight categories. When developing such feed takes into account all factors, influencing the development of every puppy certain breed, including age, speed and duration of growth, final weight and weight group. Products Royal Canin is the best choice, allowing you to ensure proper growth and health of the puppy.