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Pets and cars

What place in the salon will appeal to your pet more or less, what cars are considered to be convenient for transportation of large dogs and what could be a transportation of the animal without a seat belt? A set of traffic Rules does not address the subject of animal transportation, but the experience allows car owners to talk about the General recommendations regarding Pets on Board. We have put together some recommendations and a couple of interesting stories on the theme of Pets in your car.

  • Accustom your dog to car travel from an early age.
  • For the transport of cats and small dogs are best suited container-carrying. They must be attached to the seat using a safety belt or other special devices.
  • Dogs of large breeds with the greatest comfort and safety of traveling in the baggage compartment, equipped with a special restraint or design soft mesh.
  • The most inconvenient place for an animal in a moving vehicle — on the floor of the car when the rear seats occupied, especially on rough roads.
  • Give the pet time to adapt to atmosphere carrying or equipped with a trunk.

German insurance company Allianz had conducted crash tests involving managenow the 35-pound German shepherd and a puppy of this breed. The results of the tests revealed that the cabin can ride the dog (or other pet) weighing up to 12 kg, and the rest will be safer to drive in specially equipped baggage compartment.

  • For transportation of large Pets will be very handy large rear door, a spacious interior and a convenient folding rear seats. In this respect, in a number of rankings was marked KIA Soul and KIA Sorento: at different times these models have been recognized as one of the best dogs in the ratings Autotrader. Gayot. Fox Business and Autobytel.
  • Don’t forget to lock the door.
  • Common plot, when the animal sticks his head out the window and enjoys the speed, should be avoided. After this visit, the pet can have serious problems with eyes and ears.
  • Monitor the temperature in the cabin. Catch a cold from the air conditioner can not only you but also your pet.
  • Don’t wear on your dog’s muzzle during the trip.

Not so long ago in Russia was issued an unusual penalty. the traffic police found the owner of the Staffordshire bull Terrier is a breaker, discovered in the cabin of her car seat pet. The issue of penalty was left open. The advocate who has undertaken this business, and a member of the kennel club stressed that the issue of transport of animals is decided at the discretion of the owner due to the lack of the relevant item in the SDA.

  • If the animal is very excited, you can consult with your veterinarian on the subject of a special sedative drugs to him. Also there are pills to prevent the emetic response.
  • Please be very careful in the Parking lot do not leave your pet in the cabin with the Windows closed.
  • Pay attention to the nutrition of your four-legged friend before, during and after a long journey. According to the recommendations of dog owners before the trip (day two) is better excluded from the diet animal bones and dry food, don’t feed the dog just before the trip and during the trip, and at the end of the lot to wait with feeding for two hours. To water the dog in a way is also not advised, but you can give her water two hours before the trip and immediately after.