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If you picked up a stray animal

Even healthy homeless animal, like a pet on samovila (on a walk without supervision of the owner) is risking being on the street. Animals on the street threatening infection, hypothermia, poisoning, corrosive environment (cars, unkind people, other animals).

If You encounter a sick, injured dog or cat, then perhaps Your help is their only chance to survive. If You don’t want to leave the dog in trouble and decided to intervene in his fate, remember about safety precautions: the animal off the street, brought into the house, can be a carrier of infections, dangerous to Your Pets, and in addition, there are animal disease dangerous for man.

As a rule, happens enough to show the animal proper veterinary specialist and the normal rules of hygiene to protect themselves and family members from infections common to humans and animals .

But how to protect your Pets, if You decide to bring an animal home from the street?

We recommend the following precautions:

Urgent and necessary examination by a veterinarian . whom You trust. The physician should measure the temperature, test light, inspect the mucous membranes, cavity, skin and coat, ear, diagnosis microsporia (zoster). If necessary, the doctor recommends the tests, conduct the treatment of parasites, or give advice on the timing, if state starobazanovo does not allow to process urgently.

– Quarantine for 14 days . during which is necessary to isolate the newcomer and to avoid its contact with Your animals. Former homeless animal is preferably placed in a separate room, provide separate bowls and if it was a cat, in a separate pan. After contact with the animal be sure to wash your hands. If you have the opportunity to change clothes and shoes before the door to put a Mat soaked in chlorine disinfectant.

There may be occasions when the same man finds for a short period of time not one homeless animal, but several. If it is one litter of puppies/kittens or animals from the same environment, living together, and you can keep them together. But it is very dangerous to contain together not undergone quarantine in vaccinated stray animals from different environments. Such content leads to intensive exchange of microflora, increases the likelihood of outbreaks. Never mix litters (bring puppies to puppies and kittens – for kittens), as babies are particularly vulnerable to viruses and illness often lead to death.

A very important timely vaccination of their Pets! The appearance of the animal in the house from the street is much less risky for Pets if they are regularly vaccinated. If they are not vaccinated at the time of the occurrence in the house of the foundling, it is recommended the introduction of a hyperimmune serum in the first day – the foundling and all the unvaccinated animals of the same species (for example, if You have cats, and You picked up the dog, the cats enter the serum is not needed; also no need to enter the serum home the dog if Your foundling cat). The serum is recommended even in conditions of isolation and in the absence of personal contact between Pets and the newcomer.

  • For at least 14 days You should carefully observe the condition of all animals and the new and their, regardless, has introduced a serum or not.
  • The appearance of any signs of disease in any animal should immediately contact the doctor.
  • If within 14 days from the moment the animal got to You, the symptoms don’t show up, you can remove the quarantine and to go to the doctor for vaccination freshman.
  • If You are not going to leave the foundling, after the vaccination it can be put “in good hands”.

Do not try to attach a foundling before the expiry of the minimum required quarantine. Please, be responsible to the health of the animal You selected. Remember that those potentially sick puppy or kitten, dog or cat can lead to death of the animal due to delayed provision of veterinary care, as well as to the infection and death of other animals in the house, where you will get sick.

Be responsible, but don’t be afraid to help homeless animals. The salvation of the living creatures, the Transfiguration and his fate will bring You joy and make the world a better place.