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How to get rid of pet odors

To eliminate the smell of urine – it’s a problem that many breeders of cats and dogs. Created in this world that surround us are not only pleasant fragrance, but also unpleasant odors.

To eliminate the smell of urine. Advice to breeders of cats and dogs.

We’ll share tips on how to eliminate the smell of cat or dog, with the help of folk remedies and modern technology.

The inability to eliminate the smell of urine or faeces is a common problem in the room where the cat or dog. And let Your cat the most educated in the world, it can mark its territory. For cats it’s natural occupation. Deny is meaningless, since it’s nature.

And who has ever had a house cat or puppy knows that to remove the animal smell from the carpet, Wallpaper, furniture is very difficult.

Many to eliminate odor, use deodorant. But they are powerless in removing the smell of urine, feces, vomit, labels in the room. And do not deal with persistent odors cats or dogs because they do not decompose the source of the smell, only masks it a strong scent. Steaming, a fragrance is mixed with the unpleasant smell and causes even more bad breath.

Tips for odor removal

So how do you eliminate the smell of pet urine. For example, to wash the floors with water with iodine.But what if you need to wash the carpet or sofa. And if you want to eliminate the smell of cat urine from clothes and shoes? None of the people’s Council will not help to eliminate the smell of urine. Things have to be thrown out. Even after a few washes people will stop to feel the smell of urine, and Your cat or dog is not.

Often breeders of dogs and cats suggest that you wash the floors with water with vinegar, white or household chemicals. Claiming that the smell of urine Your pet will be eliminated. But then I’d have to eliminate the smell of vinegar and white inside.

Experienced breeders know how much work you need to invest to eliminate the smell of urine from furniture and clothing.

To eliminate the smell of urine will help many of the liquid with pungent odor (acetone, turpentine). But they interrupt him, but will not eliminate the smell. And in General, they are not useful for the people living in the apartment. Bleaches and other household chemicals to use is also not recommended. Besides, many of them can be used for cleaning synthetic materials.

To eliminate the smell!

Do not despair there is a way – the technology of neutralization of unpleasant odors Vaportek. Vaportek can help to eliminate the smell of urine. This technology is used not only to eliminate the smell of tobacco, paints, and odors of the animals and their toilets. Even Your dog or cat with her sense of smell will not detect the smell. This is important! If not remove the smell of cat’s urine, she may have a toilet in the same place.

Neutralizer Vaportek EZ-Twist is easy to install near the source of odor. This tool is absolutely harmless for You and the pet. Vaportek – will eliminate odors in the premises with the animals due to the reduction (decomposition) of sources, causing smells of urine, excrement of animals.

Even if the apartment is not necessary to eliminate the smell of urine, it is effective and there is the smell characteristic to any room that contains animal.

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