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How to care for Pets

Getting in a family of kittens or puppies, you need to understand clearly that from that moment they become full members of the family and they do need to care for a small child.

The first thing you have to do is be attributed to the veterinarian, where your pet will pass a full inspection and get all the required vaccinations.

The first is vaccination against rabies. After which will tell you about follow-up vaccinations at certain intervals of time. This gives you the opportunity to keep your pet away from various infections.

In addition to protect the animal from diseases helps regular bath. After exploring don’t forget to wash his paws. Don’t forget to give medications that will help to get rid of various parasites.

To ensure that your Pets were healthy and happy give them proper nutrition. The pet shop provides a wide range of products, and a variety of vitamins that will strengthen the immune system of domestic animals.

In addition to the feed store animals eat homemade food. When cooking don’t forget to Supplement the diet with vitamins. If you feed only dry food don’t forget to supply large amounts of drinking water. If this is not done mouthwashing gastrointestinal disease.

Don’t forget to do cosmetic procedures. Regularly comb their Pets, the coat will be smooth. The frequency depends on the breed of a pet. Long-haired animals comb daily. Smooth combed only in the moulting period.

If there was an unpleasant smell, wipe the fur with a cloth moistened with a solution of diluted vinegar and vodka.

Many animals need to be cared for nails. A haircut require only certain skits dogs, for cats, this procedure is not required. You want to cut nails very carefully so as not to hurt the nerve endings. Better the procedure is done in specialized salons.

Don’t forget to do the hygiene of the ears, eyes and teeth. Ears clean only lop-eared dogs. The procedure was carried out, using lotion wipes.

Teeth cleaning is absolutely required for all Pets for this purpose apply the special paste and brush for baby teeth.

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