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Homemade danger for pet birds

Even though this may not happen, there are many hidden dangers room the bird may face in our household. Homemade danger for pet birds consist of those things that are safe for humans, but they can be hazardous to the health and life of the bird room.

This is because the room the birds are small, curious, they have a fast metabolism and very sensitive respiratory system.

You should always stay vigilant if You want to see a vibrant and healthy your bird. Home the dangers that may face the bird room mentioned below. If You would like to add something from my experience, leave an explanation in the comments to this article.

Homemade danger for pet birds

Windows and doors is an easy way for the bird to escape, i.e. to fly away. Internal doors can also be dangerous if the bird likes to sit on top of the door is wound and even death of the birds is inevitable, if the door was suddenly closed, for example, if You do not notice the bird and Sami closed the door or the door slammed shut by a draft, and the bird will not have time to react.

Keep Windows and doors closed when the bird is out of cage. Use mosquito nets. Before OTKRYTOGO or door, make sure the bird is securely locked in the cage. Some species of parrots are good with their fingers and can easily open the latch cell (psittacula parrot, nymph). Monitor your bird when she is outside the cage, use a special door blockers, they will not let the door was unexpectedly closed.

They are dangerous because a bird can get stuck in the narrow gap and get hurt during their escape. Aside from possible physical damage, it also causes a great concentration of birds and it can tribolet. Make sure that the room, where he released the bird to fly there are no gaps, which can get feathered.

This can be the spaces between the furniture (wardrobes, furniture walls) and the wall. Plug them in ever material if necessary, e.g. rolled into a tube sheet, so that the bird did not lay down in a narrow space. Fallen between the wall and furniture bird will bring not little problems!

Small birds such as budgerigars wavy sometimes hard to notice, and there are cases when the owners accidentally step on them or even sit on the bird children. Three times be careful when You enter the room with birds, and always make sure that there are no birds on the chair or sofa on which You would like to sit down.

A bird can drown in the toilet and other containers with open water. Keep the bathroom door closed, toilet cover toilet seat should be down, and make sure You do not leave buckets, water bowls for dog or cat, pots and other containers with open water in distance Your bird.

A bird can land on the stove, hot pans, or to get in a pot of hot liquids. Food and a couple of Teflon is not safe for birds. Do not allow your bird to be in the kitchen!

Some birds love to play, polevaja wire, which can lead to serious electric shock and even death.

There are many special toys for birds that live in a cage, it is better to buy such toys that domestic birds do not get bored. Homemade danger for pet birds or Homemade danger for pet birds and don’t forget that the main danger for pet birds is a cat or a dog – they have innate instincts toward the birds, but when they get used to each other – become dear friends.