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Guinea pigs

Forms of participation of Guinea pigs

Part without examination.

Participation in PET examination.

The SHOW-expertise (specialty show).

Specialty show pigs breed of the tabernacle, and Baldwin

Marina Tatarenko (Moscow)

Longhair specialty show* pigs

  • Marina Tatarenko (Moscow)
  • Elena Vorontsova (Moscow) — trainee in the ring
  • Specialty show smooth non-selfies**
  • Biletskaya Irina (Moscow)
  • Elena Vorontsova (Moscow)
  • Draganova Tatiana (Moscow region) — trainee in the ring
  • Elena Vorontsova (Moscow)
  • Marina Tatarenko (Moscow)

Draganova Tatiana (Moscow region)

* Long-haired breeds: Peruvian, Alpaca, Lunkarya, Sheltie, Texel, coronet, Merino.

** Smooth non-selfies: the Breed with the ticking (Agouti, solid Agouti, Argent), Breed with mottled pattern (Dutch, Tortoiseshell with white, Tricolour, Bicolour, Tortoiseshell, Brindle, Dalmatian, roan), Breed with a fixed pattern (Californian, Himalayan, Fox, otter, tan), Crested (English crested, American crested, English Colored crested), Satin smooth.

*** Pet (eng.lang) /Pet/ — pet, pet. To exhibit in the pet show, every pig, even a purebred. Pigs in pet shows not judged on breed qualities and the condition and nature, assessed how well the owner takes care of the pig. Gentle nature and quiet disposition are very important for showing Guinea pigs at the exhibition as a pet. The exhibition may be exhibited pigs of any breed, any color, any origin.

**** Competition “Junior Handler” — a separate ring for the young pig owners and their Pets. Are invited to participate young swingology from 5 years to 14 years inclusive, mumps can be any breed and even mixed-breed dogs. Children will represent their pigs in the ring – assesses the ability to prepare your pig for the exhibition, to show it to the expert and to tell you about it. Will be awarded to all participants and separately, the winner of “Junior Handler Guinea pigs”.

Attention! The number of seats for the show expertise is limited!

Entry to the exhibition for Guinea pigs only with prior registration in the catalog, no additional entries to the exhibition will not be. Will be possible to replace already declared pigs on the other.

For examination of pigs will be the tentative schedule. Exhibitors productivee your time and (or) late, will be evaluated last (and will not participate in the comparison on prizes).

Pigs stated on the definition of breed class and PET, will be subject to due diligence very first, before the beginning of expertise in key rock rings.

The conditions and cost of participation

Send the application form for participation

Collection with participant – 200 roubles the Participant is provided with exhibition space (a chair and a place on the exhibition table for about 80×80 cm), exhibition catalogue, gift package when registering.

Additional exhibition space is 250 rubles, the Member may rent a maximum of one additional exhibition space.

The cost of participation without examination (base cost) — 150 rubles (per each animal)

The cost of the examination (show and pet) — 100 RUB (for every animal)

The cost of participation of the animal is calculated as follows: basic cost of participation (for all animals) + the cost of the examination (for animals submitted for examination).

Before 1 April 2016 will need to pay a fee to the party and the basic cost of participation of the animals. The examination can be paid at the venue on the actual number of animals.

How to pay

Payment is made through any Bank accepting payments from individuals.

To pay for participation . The application shall be deemed conditionally accepted until payment to the participant, and the participation of at least one animal. The participation of other declared animals need to pay until 1 April 2016 .

Information about additional opportunities for exhibitors and veterinary inspection are available on the main page of the exhibition announcement .

About the exhibition

This is one of the most favorite Tavistock (children 4 years and 6 years). Most of all there like a small hall, which exhibited reptiles, mollusks, arachnids, insects. Most of the owners are allowed to hold in your hand. Screeching and joy — the sea. And memories too. The Scorpion on his palm quickly will not forget. The last time the daughter was holding the walking stick, he grabbed her front legs neck — not painful, but a lot of emotions — every day recalls, although almost a month has passed. We go every time and recommend to all my friends.