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Funniest Pets

Even in very ancient times, people have domesticated some animals. And if initially the main purpose of this process was to obtain a practical result – a means of transportation, protection of property, rodent control, over time, Pets become favourites and friends of the person that bring

But this process is not stopped. If earlier under the pet was meant – the cat and the dog, max the parrot and hamster, at the moment the human imagination in this thread has ceased to have boundaries. Who not only “learned to love” the representatives of the human species – tigers, snakes, pigs, monkeys and even crocodiles.

Well about all these “friends of man” to talk for very long, so we decided to highlight three of the most cutest pet that can melt any heart!

So, in the first place – Marmozets. One name is worth! It refers to the smallest primates on our planet. Its dwelling place is Latin America. The adult weighs 100 grams with a body length of up to 23 cm. Tail length always longer than the length of the body and can reach 30 cm. The smallest among marmosets less than the thumb of man is the Swiss lilliput-marmozets.

It’s fabulous at first glance, the creature really exists! )) Marmosets in nature is very timid and cautious. But, if the little monkey will allow themselves to be tamed, it will become a man a reliable friend. Marmosets even in captivity live for about 5-6 years longer.

Silver our rating not less than cute fluffy – Chinchilla. Even its very name seems somehow fluffy )))

It belongs to the genus furry animals of the family chinchilla rodents. Chinchillas homeland is South America. Chinchillas grow in length 22-38 cm, and their tail has a length of 10-17 cm Standard colour of the animal is grayish-blue (ash), except for the white belly. Chinchillas live up to 20 years.

This is one of the most fashionable of today Pets. That is not surprising for this fluffy miracle with an expressive and very mysterious eyes. Chinchilla feels perfect in a city apartment, has no unpleasant smell, very good-natured and intelligent, accustomed to the tray and even trainable dog.

Another supernana creature – Dwarf Rabbit. Manual pet rabbit is an affectionate and sweet creature. This is a smart, quick-witted animals. No wonder Brer rabbit is often featured in North American and English folklore as a cunning and clever, but, unlike Fox, not evil character. One of the main characteristics of rabbits-dwarfs — the size of the ears and trunk. Ears, as a rule, not exceed 6 inches, torso length – 20 to 50 cm, depending on the standards of the breed. Color can be very different.

In Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany and America are well supplied, the breeding of these miniature creatures, bred by selective 20-ies of the last century, held international and regional exhibitions. The life span of these Pets is 5-7 years old, some live to 13.

This little live furry joy can iron, play with her, for her very interesting to watch. They appreciate a good attitude towards them and often become not just a pet but a true member of the family.

In General, if you want to have a little furry friend, choose a long time ))) But before to choose, try to honestly answer the question: “can you become for this tiny creatures are a TRUE FRIEND. ”