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Veterinary certificate

“Just happy with my baby! Thank you so much for the donated joy! My puppy is a miracle, very good-natured and flirtatious girl with a character =) it was even more fun, do not know! Special thanks to mistress Irina and Katya for detailed consultation.”

The power of the puppy. How and what to feed your puppy?

Once in your house there is a puppy in front of you becomes the first very important question – how to feed your baby, that he grew up healthy and beautiful.

There are two options for feeding:

  • Feeding natural food ( cereals, vegetables, meat)
  • Feeding balanced rations ready. Dry food or canned food.

For what would a puppy grew up strong and had no health problems you should choose one of the options and in any case not to combine them! In the morning it is impossible to give porridge with meat and vegetables, and dry food in the evening. Not three days to a natural diet, then a few days dry food (canned food), and then again return to the gruel. If you have tried one option and it does not suit you, move to another diet gradually, over a period of 5-7 days, mixing natural food to dry food ( or Vice versa) gradually ( on the first day 1/5, the second 2/5 of the daily diet, etc.)

If you decide to a natural diet

In the diet of dogs must be present and proteins, and fats, and carbohydrates. Proteins should make up 70% of daily ration, fats no more than 5%. This means that the dog should consume meat and offal, cereals and vegetables, fish. Meat is preferable to beef, fatty lamb (in small amounts), beef heart and lung, Turkey. Very neat need to be with chicken, as it is a frequent cause of Allergy. Preferable from cereals rice and buckwheat. Vegetables should always be added to cereals in small quantities. You can give carrots, cabbage, zucchini, potatoes. Growing puppies should be given low-fat cottage cheese, adult dogs are very useful 1% kefir.

Dogs cannot be given:

nothing fried, stewed, tinned (canned), salt and pepper.

not absorbed and are harmful to the body high-fat dairy products (fermented baked milk, sour cream, sweet yogurt and curds) candy, wafers and cookies lead to metabolic disorders and obesity.

  • chocolate and onions – poisonous to dogs.
  • If you choose a natural diet for your pet, throughout the year you need to give vitamins.
  • If you decide to feed balanced rations ready.

Now there are many different feed manufacturers. They are divided into classes. economy, premium and super premium. Different price and it directly corresponds to the quality. Of course, to ensure that your little friend healthy, you need to select forages of super-premium class. Choosing one brand, stick to it, bad move from feed to feed. Within one company you can feed dry food and canned at the same time (one in the morning another in the evening, one today another tomorrow). Feeding dry food helps you avoid such problems as the rapid formation of Tartar.

Proper nutrition is the key to a long life and good health! Keep this in mind and take care of their Pets.