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Exotic Pets

Deciding to acquire an exotic pet, think about who you prefer – mammals, birds, reptiles or even insects. Among mammals are very popular chinchilla, domestic ferrets (ferret), and dwarf pigs. Some give birth at home funny long-eared hedgehogs. Lovers of exotic reptiles snakes (sometimes poisonous), turtles,newts, chameleons, iguanas, and some even decided on the crocodile. House and some insect species, for example, giant Madagascan cockroaches and tarantulas, molluscs (African snails Achatina) and a variety of exotic birds, for example parrots.

Choosing an exotic pet, decide how much money and time you can dedicate to maintenance and care. Some species of animals are unpretentious and do not require specific living conditions and food, and many need eyes and the eyes, otherwise they quickly wither and die. If you have a child, it is better not to buy a pet that may scare the child or cause him harm. Instead of the spider better buy him a friendly ferret. And predatory reptiles can pose a danger to your household.

Buy exotic pet need only in special shops and nurseries. Buying an exotic pet owner, you can become the owner of the smuggled animal. Smuggled animals are cheaper, but upon arrival they are unlikely reliabledata and quarantined, and, therefore, the animal may be sick. To spend a round sum for treatment of exotic animal smuggling is one thing. Much worse, if you or your loved ones will pick up from him some obscure and dangerous infection.

Choosing and buying an exotic pet, be aware that maintenance will take a lot of effort . Unlike dogs and cats, exotic animals accustomed to their natural environment, so you have to create living conditions as close to familiar to your pet. Rodents and birds need to accommodate in spacious cages, for reptiles, insects and snails will need to equip the terrarium with their usual temperature and humidity. When equipping the home make sure the exotic pet is not able to escape hardly be happy freely roaming around the apartment a huge hissing cockroach.

Learn what food is right for your pet, please do so in a timely manner and replenish stocks. Rodents can perfectly subsist familiar to us fruit, vegetables, nuts and grains, but birds and reptiles may require special food. Some species of reptiles and insects prefer live food (small rodents, grasshoppers, crickets), so think, is it easy to get where you are going to store and whether to feed your pet. If you find it hard to feed the snake a small mouse – then why bother to start it?

Any bites or scratches inflicted by even seemingly innocuous animal, immediately wash the wound and treat it. If there is the slightest suspicion of inflammation – call your doctor. When dealing with exotic Pets is very important to observe the rules of personal hygiene. Before contact with an exotic pet and after it wash your hands. For example, harmless creatures such as pond slider turtles, may be carriers of Salmonella.

To exotic Pets were healthy, you need to regularly clean their home, be it a cage or terrarium. A must for your exotic pet are also vaccination and regular examinations at the vet.

Remember that exotic Pets are almost never trained and poorly attached to the person. But at the same time, they are able to bring a lot of positive emotions to its owner.

An exotic pet is a huge responsibility for someone who dared to have and to hold. Before you purchase an exotic pet, it is necessary to weigh all “for” and “against”, and then make the final decision. But if you can create for your pet a comfortable environment and surround him with care, your exotic pet will bring you many pleasant moments.