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Exotic animals?

Today, many animal lovers are interested in not only the usual kinds of Pets (aquarium fish, hamsters, cats), but also various representatives of exotic fauna. They surprise us with their unusual appearance, variety of color, unusual behavior. So many people are choosing their future pet, literally in my head thought: “Exotic animals? To buy?” The solution is not easy and you need to know more about this issue. Meanwhile, the content of exotic terrarium animals in the home is addictive, although not a very easy task. Not all exotic animals can comfortably live in the apartment. For their maintenance you need special terrariums, equipment, feed.

Listing the popular terrarium inhabitants, can be called corn snakes, pythons, iguanas, geckos, Agamas, spiders and many other animals. If you decide to have at home an unusual pet, the first thing you should do is to learn in detail how to care for exotic animals, how to create conditions for them, because only then your pet will long to please you and feel great.

What exotic animals are popular today?

Recently oceanhouse different lizards. For most lizards need a spacious terrarium, a special heating lamps or heating rocks, special food (crickets, roaches, fruit, vegetables, fruit and vegetable purees). Some lizards eat insects – crickets, locusts, etc. others require even mice or chickens. One of the most common as a pet lizard – iguana – rastitelnojadnye. Also large lizards are very popular among terrariumistov shlemonosnye Basilisk and water Agam. But the “home” of this group of animals spotted ablavar.

Another unusual pet, simple in content, but requiring some skill in handling the tarantula. These spiders are completely unpretentious, not emit unpleasant odors and sounds, they sit in the cage and attract attention. Spiders need a terrarium, a mild heating, shelter and Coco peat as soil. Terrariums should be regularly moisturize. Tarantulas are usually fed crickets, cockroaches marble or small mice (however, this feed is suitable only for large animals). Many tarantulas are not poisonous, but we must not forget that when frightened spiders are beginning from scabbing poisonous hairs that can cause allergies.

Very fashionable in recent times began to contain snakes. Snakes are secretive way of life, not emit loud sounds and almost no smell. At home, usually contain tree-climbing snakes and king snakes. In length they reach is usually no more than five feet. As for conditions of detention, horizontal snakes need a spacious terrarium with a comfortable temperature inside. For this purpose, a heating lamp (ceramic, or a directional light). Waterfall for terrariums help to maintain the necessary humidity. You can also use fog generator or just spray the terrarium. These snakes feed on small rodents (mice or rats).

So, if you tuned in to acquire an unusual pet, the first question you have – where to buy an exotic pet? Where to buy everything you need for a comfortable stay further of your future pet? Will you be able to provide them with the necessary food regularly?

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The main thing to remember that it is not enough just to buy an exotic pet, but you must provide it with all necessary for living. And then your pet will be always healthy and active, will gladden you with its beauty and surprise your friends and family with their uniqueness.