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Classification of all cat breeds

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Today there are more than 250 breeds of cats, thus we know, as a rule, not more than fifty. This, of course, due to the territorial features, as well as the history of a single type. Yes, today, we are not surprised by this insanely beautiful furry Pets or absolutely devoid of hair. But did you know about the existence of such breed as the Bali or Bombay cat? Maybe you will have the taste korotkolapyh Munchkin? Different kinds of coachyard know now and here is the full list with Pictures and detailed description you will find in our category.

The history of cat breeds

The beginning of the domestication of cats is associated with the transition to a settled way of life. On the territory of the modern land of Iraq, Turkey, Syria and Palestinian historians include the land of the legendary “Fertile Crescent”. In the valley of the Tigris and Euphrates, where, according to scientists, was the beginning of civilization, 10,000 years ago there were perfect conditions for farming and cattle breeding. The people who lived there did not know the needs, the barns were full of grain, and the storage of reserves. Cat moved closer to human habitations infested with these parasites. So people and cats began to exist on the same territory, and this was the first step towards the domestication of these wonderful animals.

Homeland feline was born in the UK. There was held the first exhibition and opened the first clubs of owners of cats.

GCCF — the world’s first club breeding cats. Currently the organization brings together not only by geographical location, but also by the spoil grounds. Most European clubs use the standards GCCF. English standards of feline cats compiled with great thoroughness. They describe cat breeds (30 pieces), each defined scale points. All groups have their grading scale.

Variety purring Pets

If you look at the different breeds of cats, just look at first, what are colours and various external differences. Some cats are fluffy, others curly, and the third does without wool. Of course, most of the modern breeds brought people for a long selection. But do not forget about natural interventions, because the difference of different species was influenced by climatic conditions, and way of life, food, and more.

For most of the global classification of all cat breeds are divided into four groups:

longhair (Persian and exotic);

  • Shorthair and Somali;
  • Oriental or Eastern;
  • semi-longhair.
  • World Federation of modern parts cat breeds in 4 groups:
  • long-haired;
  • SLH;
  • short-haired;
  • Siamese-Osh Shorthair.

Each breed has a standard and clearly defined procedures to evaluate criteria at exhibitions and shows. It gives the option to save the value and purity of each species, selecting the best representatives for further breeding. When choosing a cat should take into account its unique physiological characteristics, as genetic factors affect not only the appearance but also on the health of the pet. It is worth to know in advance and accurately determine what breed suits you and what doesn’t. All the details and the whole list of popular cat breeds you will find in this category.