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10 reasons why cats are better than dogs

Which came first the chicken or the egg? Are we alone in this vast Universe? These and many other questions are extremely trivial compared to one eternal question that haunts animal lovers for a long time: “Who’s a better pet – cats or dogs?”

I think this argument is as old as the world itself, but this does not detract from its relevance today. After all, as one, and the other side is a bunch of arguments in their favor.

The article “10 reasons why cats are better than dogs” is designed to help make the right choice especially for those who wants to have a pet.

1. Cats can live even in the smallest homes and apartments. Cats feel comfortable, scrutinize up in the most seemingly inconvenient places. This is very important if your living area small in size. Because dogs, unlike cats, need a lot more space for a comfortable life.

2. Cats do the maintenance cheaper than dogs. And it will agree, is an important factor. The quantity of food the cat eats per day is much less than the amount of food that need even the smallest dog. The costs of the veterinarian, cat owners, also significantly reduced (provided of course proper care of the cat). And the thing is that dogs are much more powergenerator ill, because often on the street, unlike their purring fellow who gets out very rarely or never.

3. Cats don’t need to walk. Of course, you can wave your hand and say that the author of the article overstates things too. But I myself have a dog and I know how hard it is to get up early in the morning or in the evening after work, when you don’t want to go anywhere, and you need to walk your pet and it in any weather. Cats will not give you such trouble.

4. Cats do not need constant attention like need this dog. Dogs are very sociable creatures, who need constant attention from humans. The cat is fine, “walks by itself” and it is not empty words. Of course, the seals need to communicate, to play and fondle them, but that they need in much smaller quantities than dogs. And this is again an important factor, if you are a busy person, you will agree.

5. Cats are quieter than dogs. With the exception of cats during the period of active will of cat. But the fact remains: the dogs bark, but cats are not.

6. Cats are more cleanly and require less attention from hygiene than dogs. Dogs need to constantly bathe, cat bath procedure ensure yourself yourself. Of course, sometimes you need to bathe even the cats who constantly sit at home. But you need to do it much less often than with dogs.

7. A cat can be left home alone for a few days. The main thing that was supply of food, water and a few clean stalls. A dog can’t more than a day is without the company and assistance of a person.

8. Cats are easier to tolerate transportation and travel. First of all, cats take up less space. Secondly, the trip in the transport or moving to a new place the cats suffer less painful and emotionally than dogs.

9. Cats catch mice. Dogs can also chase mice, but only for fun and games. Cats hunt for rodents to kill and even just the presence of cats in the house helps to prevent the appearance of nearby rodents.

10. As comical as it sounds, but do not forget that cats are small deity, which was worshipped by the people. These mystical creatures are majestic and Regal deserve our careful attention.

In the end I want to say that regardless of who is to have a dog or a cat, it will be your best choice. Or maybe you got two Pets at the same time. To avoid misunderstandings I want to say that the author of this article 51% in the soul of a dog person and soon I will rehabilitated by writing articles on “10 reasons why dogs are better than cats”.