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10 houseplants that are dangerous for Pets

More than 700 plants contain substances that are toxic to animals. If the cat or dog accidentally eaten a dangerous plant, there is severe poisoning, in some cases leading to death. Many houseplants have multiple names. Therefore, before buying a flower or tree for interior decoration, you should make sure that they are sure they pose no danger to your beloved pet.

Asparagus plumose (Plumosus) poisonous to cats and dogs. Dangerous substance contained therein is sapogenin – a steroid found in various plants. If the cat or dog will eat the berries of Asparagus plumose, they will be vomiting, diarrhea and severe abdominal pain. If the animal constantly interacts with this plant, it may be an allergic dermatitis (skin inflammation).

Dracaena fragrans is also known as a pet dragon or Dragon tree. It is dangerous for cats and dogs. This plant also contains sapogenin. Ingestion of Dracaena fragrans causes vomiting (sometimes with blood), loss of appetite, depression, excessive salivation. Cats may also experience dilated pupils.

Dieffenbachia is also known as the tropic snow (Tropic Snow). Danger: for cats and dogs. The plant contains harmful substance used to amphiareion. By eating soon becomes irritated mouth. Particularly affected is the tongue and lips. Irritation leads to increased salivation, difficulty swallowing and vomiting.

Begonia has several names: Elephant ear, Caladium, Taro, Xanthosoma. It contains the same substance as in Dieffenbachia, so the symptoms are the same: irritation of the mouth, difficulty swallowing, severe salivation, and vomiting.

Lily mostly dangerous for cats, but some species can be harmful for dogs. Cats are the only animals for which White Lily and Lily of Stargazer are poisonous. Immediate response cat of the body include vomiting, lethargy, loss of appetite. If left unchecked, can begin severe kidney damage. In some cases, death. Other varieties of the plant Spathiphyllum and Calla – are dangerous for dogs. If the animals eat them, the strong salivation and vomiting, irritation of the mouth.

Cyclamen is also known as Draka. Plant harmful to cats and dogs. Eating may cause diarrhea, vomiting and intense salivation. If the animal ate a large quantity of tubers of this plant (they are underground), the situation is much worse: heart rate strays, epileptic seizures and sometimes even death occurs.

Philodendron with heart-shaped leaves

This plant is fairly undemanding, so often found in homes. It is dangerous for cats, and for dogs. Contained in the plant chemical irritates the mouth, lips and tongue. The animal becomes hard to swallow, the strong salivation.

Money tree toxic to cats and dogs. So far it remains unknown what substance causes poisoning in animals by this plant. However, the symptoms studied and include vomiting, depression, loss of motor coordination, slow heart heart rate.

Aloe is often used for medical purposes. But for cats and dogs, this plant is poisonous. Bitter yellowish substance, with the cut sheet is dangerous for animals that can cause vomiting and bloody urination.

Potos velvet (silk)

This plant is poisonous for cats and dogs. Like many other dangerous plants, it causes irritation of the mouth and lips. In some cases, animals may experience vomiting, severe salivation, and difficulty swallowing.

Use this information to make your home safe for Pets, let them please you with his love for a long time!