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Children and Pets

Pets and children – as many already written, but I’ll share my experience. It is very a pity to me of children, who never had a pet. Home friends help children develop fully and give them a lot of fun.

The first in our family there was a kitten. It was a small red squeaky ball. It was called ginger. The children immediately took custody of him, although it was for three years. I put him to bed, covered her with a blanket, fed and watered. The kitten grew up together with children. Went for a walk and ran in the grass, slept together and ate. The kids fought and fought for him, shared it constantly. Squealed the children and the cat. And battle wounds were a cat and children. But how much love and care on the part of children. And how much joy and happiness brought to them by the cat.

And the cat grew clever. Has never crapped. Since we lived on the first floor, the toilet, the cat went outside. One day, when we weren’t home long, and the cat pressed, he never messed with, but modestly pee in the kitchen sink. By the way there he loved to drink water straight from the tap. To eat and tried to sit all together at the table. Butt on the chair and paws and muzzle on the edge of the table. Waited for him a plate as well give the kids.

He was a good cat, he understood everything perfectly and never margal. The cat liked to sleep with boys, and how buttona that some quarrels happen because of him, periodically problem. Then sleeping with one, tomorrow with another. He slept and wondering how people head on the pillow and my feet under the blanket.

And what fun with the cat was invented by the children. And built him a house, and played in balls and cars, climbed together on portugalka, both drew and hung on to ropes, danced and watched cartoons. And the cat was treated. Reduces fatigue, clung to the affected area, as if taking away the pain. The cat lived for five years. Grown up kids, grown up and cat. But one day disaster struck, he was hit by a car. For us it was a disaster.

In addition to the cat children made fish. A large aquarium with lots of different fish at first was the joy and pride children. Now fish is involved dad. We had turtle, in the summer holidays we have taken. The children will see her as a toy, but he wants it. During another game bug in fright tried to escape, hiding behind the battery. But from there it picked out and tried to use it in boyish games.

Recently, the children came up with a question to start some pet. Steel sort out with whoever they wanted. First on the list was sounded, of course, the dog. Next came the list of all possible Pets. Cat, rabbit, hamster, rat, Guinea pig or parrot. To have been allowed provided that care for and clean up and will feed themselves. Children reflect, chose the parrot as the least troublesome in the content of being. Okay, the parrot, parrot. You can try.

And then I came up with the idea and I asked: “Children, maybe the baby will have? With him and you can walk around and play, and teach. Also baby is making money, as much as 300 thousand rubles”. There was a pause. Came the question: “And for us, how many gave you money?” Received the answer that the money for them at that time did not give, in the minds of the children went the thought process. Clear answer I received, the idea of having another brother or sister, the children did not fire.

Of course, I myself to another baby is not quite ready, perhaps even not have considered such options. But parrot seems to have have. The more that is found for such a gift coming appropriate dates.