American shorthair cat.

At first glance, the cat of this breed is similar to the striped cat “Matroskin” in popular cartoons. But, looking more closely, you can see the most unusual color, large muscles, beautiful eyes. Interestingly, in America, this cat is a chic decoration and an honorary member of the family. Also at various parties, purebred American cats are present as accompanying their owners. Its origin is not quite ordinary and the story is interesting.
The history of the origin of the breed.
1904 was the year of discovery for the appearance of the genus of American shorthair cats. The cat, which had the original smoky color with black wide stripes, was considered the founder of this breed (from the outside, the coat seems silvery like tabby). Before that, cats of this breed lived quietly on the ranch, caught mice, wandered, and did not suspect that once they would become very valuable and expensive animals. The cost depends on what type of kitten and what level of the cattery.
In 1900, it turned out that one cat with a similar color was already registered, which caused confusion. Soon they figured it out and called it British. Felinologists had to introduce effective ideas for distinguishing similar breeds. In the end, a strict program of cat distinctions has been developed.
In 1930, the result was on the face and American cats became recognized. After 20 years, a catalog with a full description of all shorthair (50 animals) appeared. Currently, only purebred breeders are consistently engaged in breeding. The program of specialists was effective, and the proof is the cat of this breed, which won recognition, so it was named “cat of the year” in 1966. In addition, he became in high esteem even at the largest felinological organization. The judging panel issued documents to confirm the new breed (CFA). According to research, American shorthair cats have not only a beautiful appearance, but also a unique character.
Description of the breed.
The variety of wool colors is plentiful. Therefore, the organization of felinologists recognized cats with black, white, silver, smoky color, etc. Especially beautiful is the grayish color with wide black stripes.
Large eyes in the form of a wedge, the color of which depends on the color of the coat. The silver cat has greenish eyes, the white cat has orange eyes. The size of the head in width converges with its length. The muzzle is in the form of a square, and the developed chin looks powerful. Their nose is round, beautifully turns into a neat cat’s mouth, which looks like a “smile”. The powerful neck of medium length is harmoniously connected with the same head. The body is strong, the chest is wide, especially in cats. The weight of cats is up to 8 kg, and cats up to 5 kg. The medium-sized ears are wide, and slightly rounded at the tips. Even the color of the paws, nose, and pads also depends on the color scheme of the coat. In appearance, cats and cats are powerful, strong, but differ from each other in musculature. The length of the limbs is medium, and the round, thick paws are stable. The tail is very long and thick, but tapering towards the end. The coat, though short, is dense, thick, and looks gorgeous.
Lovers of calm animals will be able to enjoy a holiday with American cats. Just a smoky-black breed has a pleasant unobtrusive character and serenity.
Cats can adapt to their own kind, good-natured dogs. With communication, they are all right: they easily find a common language with people. For owners who spend the whole day at work, cats who know how to stay in seclusion for a long time are suitable. The American shorthair is a docile, docile cat that does not require special privileges or companies. She will always find something to amuse herself with.
The peculiarity of cats is independence. They don’t like being forcibly hugged, carried, or placed on their laps. This happens if the animals themselves want to and lie down on the hands of the owner. Despite these facts, cats have such qualities as loyalty, affection. Although they are calm, but, like all cats, they love games, entertainment, hide-and-seek. Even if they are left alone, they will find something to do and take up the task on their own.
They deftly catch their own animals, and also play with a soft toy when there is no hunger. But once on the street, this breed will not return without a catch! Of course, although cats like to sleep, walk unnoticed, but the instinct of jumping on high-altitude objects will not be canceled. They will not miss the moment to climb the cabinets, TVs, shelves, even just find a place to sleep.
They are not demanding, you can tell by their quiet voice (their usual way of talking). But in the event of the owners ‘ indifference, the cats will give their voice to the full program. This is done in special circumstances, when cats have something to fight for. In addition, cats have intelligence, which allows them to quickly train some commands. Until old age, cats are active and cheerful.
The health of cats is good, so you can call them long-lived (up to 15 years). But there is a predisposition to hereditary heart disease, which can lead to death. Because of hip dysplasia, cats feel pain, and when walking, they limp. Some cats also have a genetic kidney disease, which provokes their failure (polycystic disease). Endurance can prevent the development of such diseases. When buying a cat, you must ask the breeders for a warranty document confirming the good health of the pet.
Cat care.
It is not difficult to take care of the cat due to the fact that the coat is smooth, not long. Therefore, you should only comb it once a week. When American shorthair cats shed, the care of the coat is increased.
Careful observation requires the nutrition of cats, because they are not averse to eating a lot and often. The consequence of this is a different stage of obesity, which leads to health problems. If this happens, you should play more active games that burn calories. They also consult with a veterinarian on the preparation of a dietary menu.
In these cases, many owners who do not have time for frequent games, purchase a training sports corner with a scratching post. They can jump on it and scratch their claws. Plus, this is a big one: the furniture will be saved from the furious cat claws and the pet will lose weight!
The price of an American cat.
As mentioned above, the cost depends on many factors. Therefore, you can buy a kitten from friends cheap for 60-100 dollars. In a good cattery, kittens of this breed are purchased for 200-300 dollars.