5 cities in the world with the most beautiful muraks.

Mural is a common name for works of art depicted on a wall or any large surface. Ancient rock paintings, frescoes, paintings of the Sistine Chapel, monumental paintings, images on the walls, graffiti – all this is called in one word mural.
In murals (from the Latin mūrālis — “wall”), the plot of the composition and the artistic complexity that are created on the wall or ceiling of the room, on the sidewalk, the facade of a residential building and the elements of an industrial object are important. Whereas graffiti is the marking of an urban space with a single word, signature, or sign, and it can be done quite primitively.
Some artists question the correctness of the use of the word “mural”. For example, at the “Thesaurus” symposium held recently by the Russian Institute for Street Art Research, participants came to the conclusion that large works of art created on the facades and firewalls of houses are more correctly called “wall paintings”. The word “mural”, in their opinion, applies only to works of art that are preserved on the streets of cities for a long time. But, despite the individual manifestos, in the world such large-scale works of art are called murals.
We have compiled a rating of 5 cities in the world with the most interesting murals. The list of the best includes 5 cities from almost all continents.
It should be noted that street art has become a global phenomenon on an international scale. Street artists travel the world, leaving their mark in various cities. At the same time, cities are turning into centers of street art culture.