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What are the dangers of household ants

The representative of the most common household insects around the world — red or freonovye ant. Often their bites suffer the little children.

What are the dangers of household ants

The most dangerous ants – a large forest, accidentally brought into the apartment by a man. These insects can bite and cause harm to human health. Dangerous to humans ants living on the territory of Russia — the red forest ants. Insects of this type are at the end of abdomen with sting of a poisonous substance is formic acid which has an irritant effect. The poison may be released by the ants to a distance of 30 cm, the Bite causes a burning sensation, the skin around it gets red and swells up.

Red fire ants, named for the painful stings of poisonous causing the real thermal burns are the most dangerous insects in the world. For some people their presence in the apartment poses a threat to life. The fiery bite of red ants can cause severe allergic reactions and in some cases anaphylactic shock. The reaction causes a toxic alkaloid venom — solenopsis. Throughout the world there are hundreds of deaths from the bites of insects of this species.

Ants are carriers of dangerous disease-causing bacteria

In search of food insects preodolevayutsya distance. In the warmer months, these insects may enter the house after visiting the street garbage tanks, technical rooms, public toilets, and garbage disposal. In the future, they move around kitchen tables, cabinets and other places where there may be food. Migration can lead to the emergence and multiplication in food of various pathogenic bacteria that cause dangerous diseases.

Dysentery — a serious disease caused by bacteria of the genus Shigella, occurs in acute or chronic form and is characterized by impaired function of the intestine and stomach.

Typhoid fever — a disease infectious nature, caused by a type of Salmonella, is characterized by the lymph system gastro-intestinal system.

Diphtheria — the disease, the source of which is the Bacillus of Loeffler. Characterized by General intoxication, lesions of Roto – and nasopharynx.

Cholera is a severe disease with epidemic form is caused by bacteria Vibrio cholerae.

Salmonella — a group of infectious diseases caused by bacteria of numerous species of Salmonella. The disease occurs with lesions of the gastrointestinal tract, dehydration and intoxication.

Ants are carriers of the eggs of the worms that cause the development of helminthiasis.

Important! Infection through parasitic worms ants are very dangerous for children. The disease leads to stunted physical and mental development of the child.

Ants can be vectors of dangerous diseases that threaten the health and life of Pets: cats panleukopenia, parvovirus enteritis, plague dogs.

Ants in the apartment to create their own storage of food in remote places where products come into disrepair and become a breeding place for harmful microorganisms and mouldy fungi.

Spoilage of food products and household appliances

Homemade ants are omnivorous insects and feed on crumbs of bread, cereals, berries and fruits, sugar, honey, candy and other products, which find access. Spoiled ants products must be destroyed to avoid disease.

In addition, the ants make their nests in household appliances that may cause a short circuit and equipment failure. They can eat natural leather and fabric, whereby the garment loses its appearance.

Ants-beetles got its name for its ability to gnaw in the wood passages and chambers for arrangement of nests. Staying in the apartment, these insects are doing in furniture and in wooden elements of the interior passages, ruining wooden structures.