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The training of the dogs.

Training – training your dog to respond in a particular way on a particular conditional stimulus coming from human habituation to certain variety of actions (skills) necessary for the trainer to control the behavior of the animal in daily communication with him and using it for special service. Training of dogs is carried out by a particular system of exercises with the dog, which is reinforced when the required motor responses and their combinations and discontinued undesirable effects and movement. As a result of training, usually produced strong and well-coordinated skills, which at times reaches great complexity. Are they a dog is always in response to person served conditional signals (verbal commands, whistle, gestures, etc.).

The dog can get accustomed to a clear behavior in certain environmental conditions with consideration of the peculiarities of the dog, time and space (situation). Through targeted special training man teaches dog to specific, often complex work.

Dogs are relatively easy variety to training, because they have a highly developed nervous system and well developed sensory organs: smell, hearing, sight and other. Besides the dog – on-soemeone animal with rational activity, imaginative thinking, which she developed in the long process of development in response to the need to biologically adapt to the changing conditions of life, and as a result of living together with a man and service him. The dividing line between reflex and conscious manifestation of the mind of the dog are distinguishable much more difficult than most people think. One of the proofs that the gap between observations and representations of the serious connoisseur dogs, working directly with her, and abstract theorists, deniers sometimes mental strengths and opportunities of the animal. Well-trained dogs are able to use the innate qualities of the mind, still his experience in a variety of settings and to quickly rebuild and adapt their behaviour to new conditions, clearly to operate when performing complex work from the trainer.

However, recognizing the dog, her intelligence and other virtues, a good, sober look at things canine will never allow myself to exaggerate and magnify the ability of the animal. He just can’t do because he is not one visible end result of training, but the entire volume of educational and preparatory work, complex, interesting, well-thought and quite prosaic. As well neither worked the dog on any kind of service and what a positive impression she made, yet it is from the beginning to the end. He knows the content and principles of work, only he notices the various subtle nuances of behavior during its operation and, depending on this, he directs the animal, not watching him, instructs, encourages, and protects against errors. The dog, showing developed training skills are significantly only help a person and alone, absolutely alone, nothing to do or think you can’t. It would be a mistake, as already mentioned above, and a total disregard for the animal’s psyche.

Any good owner-trainer and Supervisory, staring, catch, when the animal acts “knowingly”, and by how much, and when – instinctive, instinctively, strict orders. Owner-caregiver important to know the limits of the dog, to make the best use of abilities and characteristics of its natural data. To know the nature, it is nice to see a varied animal and in applying the proper scientific theories always rely on the validity of practical result. Anyway, so the dog cannot refuse. A dog can and should be taught to understand a person who voluntarily, willingly to obey him. How valuable trained dogs, as they are needed and how diverse you can use their services there is no need to tell, because all this has long been well known.

Learning ability may not only vary among dogs of different breeds but also among individuals of the same breed. Yes and some dogs it can change in different periods of her life, depending on the psychophysiological state of the organism and other conditions. Better to train younger animals.