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The most intelligent animals in the world

About the intelligence of a certain level in animals we have long known. Take, for example, at least learning abilities of primates. But this is not the only representatives of the animal world, which can be attributed to the intelligent animal.

Dogs understand. Scientists claim that the dog was tamed by man about 10 thousand years ago. The dog is the animal understands. Research scientists have confirmed that the animal is able to distinguish more than 250 words and gestures. It turns out that dogs understand the deficit to five, and some even have the ability to basic mathematical operations. When monitoring the communication of man and dogs sometimes get the impression that the dog understands what he’s talking about the owner. But this view is mistaken. The dog is not able to understand the words, it only perceives human speech. Even though the dog is familiar with many words, her mind not able to connect them with the meaning in the sentence. The dog is able to understand outgoing emotions, and tone spoken. It is worth noting that the dog has the same senses as man. For example, at the time of taking any decision, the dog guided just your feelings. The closer the bond the owner and dog on an emotional level, the better each person understands the owner.

Learning ability in monkeys. For natalistic to note that six out of ten places in the top ten most intelligent animals are the species of primates like baboons, chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans, Gibbons and guenons. This list consisted of famous biologist Edward Wilson. He believes that among all primates the most prominent is the chimpanzee. The brain of a monkey features a large size and extreme complexity. After long observing the lives of primates, it became apparent that communication between these animals not to cause any difficulties. This suggests that they have a sufficiently developed specific language skills. During the various experiments made a number of interesting conclusions. Here is one of them: those chimpanzees who have never been afraid of snakes, taught them to fear. They constantly listened to the sounds they were hearing bastards. Interestingly, even those primates that are not subjected to this experiment, observing the fright of the other monkeys, too, began to fear. Even primates can easily be taught to communicate in sign language and to use Cutlery.

Pigs. Oddly enough, but the pigs are the smartest domestic animals. Their intelligence is slightly greater than the mental ability of cats and dogs. Pig easily and quickly able to understand the principle of the mirror. It should be noted that it was pleased to consider his own reflection in it. The truth is, scientists still can not exactly answer whether they, like primates, to identify the reflection in the mirror with him. Pigs are very quickly get used to the routine and well oriented in time. Shortly before feeding they are showing obvious signs of excitement. It is worth noting that pigs are actually quite clean animals: they never lie in the dirt, if there is more than a clean place to stay. And training they give in pretty easy.

Dolphins. For anybody not a secret that dolphins are extremely intelligent creatures. There is also a widespread belief that they are the most intelligent members of the animal world. In the middle of the twentieth century, the dolphins began to diligently study and train. The brain in these animals more than humans. The average weight of the brain of a Dolphin is 1 kilo 700 grams at a time when the brain of an adult has a weight of 1 kilogram 400 grams. The brain in these animals unique. The fact that the Dolphin never sleeps fully. The left and right hemisphere resting on the queue. The dolphins also hold social status: live mainly families.

What animal is the smartest in the world? To answer this question scientists still can’t. Their opinions are divided. Some scientists believe the most intelligent animal – Dolphin. They justify this by the fact that their brain is much more human, and they manage it much better. Others are of the opinion that the smartest animal is the monkey. The leading position occupied the gorilla and chimpanzee.