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Interesting facts about Pets

People live side by side with Pets for a very long time: the primitive man domesticated dogs 15,000 years ago, cats – later, so it may seem that we well know each other.

Our interesting facts about animals will reveal the secret part of the life of Pets, will help you better understand their behavior and become great friends.

Interesting facts about Pets

Unlike humans and other primates, dogs do not like to cuddle, such actions they perceive as a sign of dominance. For this reason, the dog, laying a paw on the owner, makes not only a friendly gesture, but also claims to superiority over man.

Dogs have a phenomenal sense of smell – thanks to wet nose they quickly determine the direction of smell, in the moisture better dissolve the odorous substances. Dogs are so sensitive that it can detect changes in the composition of human sweat before an epileptic seizure or by increasing the content of sugar in the blood. They try to draw the attention of the patient to these signs, because the dog is very smart. Their intelligence corresponds to mind 2 year old child, a normal dog understands about 250 words.

The lives of dogs and people has always been closely linked. The Pekingese, considered now a decorative breed, were bred in ancient China for personal protection. Wore them in the wide sleeves of an important nobleman.That Pekingese looked, he went to the closet, they were led of the corresponding color.

Interesting fact that allowed not only contain people, as was previously thought. In Saudi Arabia found a herd of baboons . they kidnap puppies and raise them like men. In exchange for food, dogs protect the flock, especially the defenseless pups from the wild dogs.

Popular Pets – cats. Have several amazing features about food. Contrary to stereotypes, they cannot drink milk – most adult animals congenital lactose intolerance. It can lead to problems with digestion and diarrhea. Cats can’t feel sweet taste due to genetic mutations. But they are able to drink seawater because of the unique device of the kidneys.

Goldfish in the aquarium though and absolutely silent Pets, but not stupid and primitive. They have good hearing and sight, unlike the people they see in the ultraviolet and infrared spectrum and therefore do not like to stay in the dark. Their memory is also much more than 5 seconds – they can parse and memorize different forms of behaviour. They are to train.

Some interesting facts about unusual animals – turtles . Bony armor of these reptiles has nerve endings – touch pet feels. In connection with desert past, turtles have a perfect digestive system that is configured to the additional absorption of water. When it becomes low, the animal ceases to secrete a fluid, removing only the waste – urates, in the form of a white pasty powder. Land turtles cannot swim, but can permanently hold your breath. This talent due to the need to exhale, to hide one’s head in the shell.

The most interesting about Pets

We have collected the most interesting about Pets . including exotic, to show the diversity of the living world. Chinchilla is famous for its fur is the softest in the world. However, when danger or stress she is willing to give up part of the coat is a protective mechanism, like a drop tail lizard. Fur eventually grows back.

Have you ever teased horses . I hope not. Scientists have found that horses have a high intelligence and very good memory. This can be compared with elephants. Those who treats them well, they remember my whole life, but resentment or your bad habits too will never forget.

Should know about the risks to animals when dealing with people. A simple chocolate bar can kill a cat, dog and parrot, as it has theobromine, an ingredient found in cocoa, which the animal organism recycles very slowly. Only one bar of black chocolate contains a fatal dose for animals.