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Airlines do not bear any responsibility for your valuables if they are transported in cabin baggage and not in checked baggage.

There are plenty of misconceptions regarding air travel. One of the most common — less than talking about possible trouble on the road, the lower the probability that it will happen.

However, it is preferable to find what you need to be prepared in any given emergency situation. Among the most common problems — bringing hand Luggage on Board, Luggage and a subsequent loss of Luggage.

Custom baggage and hand Luggage

First under this category are animals, of the intention to carry which is necessary to declare the airline at least 24 hours prior to departure. You need a permit for the export, transit and import of animals, a valid health certificate, vaccination certificate and other documents.

Animals are considered excess baggage, so you need a separate fee for their transportation. Cats and small dogs can fly in the cabin with the owner and representatives of large breeds have to travel in the Luggage compartment. According to the rules of some airlines, for example, the weight of perevozskogo the interior of the animal and container must not exceed 8 kg.

With regard to sports equipment, each set counts as one piece of baggage which should not exceed 23 kg, otherwise he will have to pay. The equipment must be packaged in a special cover so as not to damage the rest of the Luggage.

Musical instruments are subject to the same free baggage allowance as regular checked baggage. If the weight of the instrument container or case over 32 kg or the sum of three dimensions of 300 cm, they must be shipped as cargo (except for double basses — in any case they are transported as checked baggage).

If you need to carry in hand Luggage medicines, this is possible only if the prescription is in your name.

Things from carry-on baggage are not subject to registration, so the airline does not bear responsibility for them. After passengers left the plane, the crew inspects the aircraft and if it finds something, is about the act, and the thing sends the service Lost&Found of the destination airport.

For some airlines the weight carried in the cabin of the animal and container must not exceed 8 kg.

If your baggage has been damaged

The main thing to do if there was a nuisance with baggage (loss, damage, shortage content), — to declare it and issue a corresponding act before leaving the control area of the airport. That is, not finding the ribbon on your suitcase or finding it damaged, immediately go to the office Lost&Found.

Then, armed with drawn up in the airport act, the passenger must contact the carrier with a statement of claim within the deadline set by legislation (from 7 to 21 days depending on the specific case). In most cases, you can even do it at the airport of arrival.

In the case of minor damage or soiling of the Luggage recommended repairs or cleaning to organize yourself, and then to provide the airline checks for the payment of compensation. If damage is serious, the compensation is agreed individually on the basis of checks and receipts from the shop or cleaning and providing documentation of the real value of the Luggage.

With regard to valuable items (such as documents, cash, keys, jewelry or electronic devices), they are recommended to be carried in hand Luggage, because the airline shall not bear any responsibility if they are transported as checked baggage.