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Best dog breeds for families with children

Deciding what dog to have, to exclude the risk that someone may suffer from it. Although there is always the risk of aggression by the animal due to too rough handling or improper training, but still have a chance to get a trusted companion and friend for children, choosing a dog is the most friendly breed.

Soft temperament is the hallmark of this breed. Best of all it is manifested through the love of children, acting almost in the role of nanny. When it comes to learning, Newfoundland in this are just brilliant and quickly begin to do all the things that they want from the owner.

Attractive, calm, very active dogs. Beagles are attached to all family members, but most of all to the children. Untrained Beagle can use his mouth while playing with the child, but this does not mean that they will bite. After training they start to know how to be careful with children.


It is a large dog that is very gentle with children. Swiss shepherd dogs were bred to work, they are devoted to family and love children. They are excellent guard dogs and also therapy dogs.

The average growth reaching only the middle of the foot, these dogs are idealogically for children. They love to play and, as a rule, kind and balanced, with character and a little Sass. The Boston Terrier is a very energetic dog and requires constant attention. Daily walks with them are a good form of activity that pleases and entertains your dog.

Cheerful, bright and loyal dogs that won the hearts of so many people and their children. Because boxers are medium size dogs, they are ideal for active older children. But with kids they will be very tender.

Reliable child companion. With the instinct to herd in the blood, these dogs will not only supervise young children and be able to keep their whole company in one place. Bobtails full of energy, but affectionate with family members and they need to be taught from an early age. They are suitable for all ages.

These playful dogs that love children and really care about them. They belong to the herding breeds, so you may well to look after the kids. Collie well recognize the mood of the people, sociable and delight their owners.

For some it’s an ideal hunting dog, but for others this can be an ideal breed for the family. Breton espanioly smart and enjoy learning new tricks, perfect for playing with energetic children. But at the expense of their energy, these dogs are not for kids, although they never even think to hurt children. They are natural born protectors

Exceptionally smart and active breed. Poodles come in different sizes and it allows families to choose for themselves the most appropriate dog. Despite the external refinement, poodles are very sociable and playful. They love people and create close bonds with all family members. Poodles are eager to please everyone.

It’s a gentle, smart and loyal dogs, the main desire which is to please their masters, which they are ready to do everything. Not only do they love children, they love it and all the commotion created by the children. Labradors love to play with other animals and friendly to different breeds of dogs.

Affectionate, loves spending time with family and getting up on the side of his master tucked in any case. With its small size, Bichons have a lot of energy and willing to do silly antics for the kids.

Almost a natural companion for games. Usually they do not give birth to children under two years of age, but in other cases, Irish setters are ideal for active families. This is a sociable breed that is bound to both children and adults. It is also excellent guard dogs.

Affectionate and playful dog, the same rejoicing as lying beside their owner on the sofa and running around on the street with children. Cocker spaniels are small enough to live in an apartment, and perfectly trainable.

The breed, known for their calm temper. They seek to please others and love all family members, respond well to romp with children and ready to play. Golden retrievers are among the friendliest dogs.

The breed, also known as “Velcro”, because of its special attachment to its owner. Vizslas perfectly endure all the antics of kids and love them. These dogs are ideal for active families who are prepared to give them constant attention and an outlet for energy. To get a Vizsla means to create additional shadow.