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Our club is a team of professionals – dog trainers of the highest class, working qualities, experts and handlers. All our employees are licensed and have certificates of the Russian Cynological Federation. extensive experience with dogs of different breeds.

Offering more than 25 years of experience our instructors. The dog training club “Argus – Moscow” it is customary to use the latest achievements in the field of dog training, animal psychology, the education of a dog . In practice often apply the techniques of operant training with elements of clicker training. Such opportunities are particularly well-suited for training puppies and young dogs. Thus, we give you the opportunity to start training your puppy at the age of 3.5-4 months to a year Your dog is already perfectly trained.

We offer programs of General course of Training. Protectively-Guard duty. dog training, sports, IPOs APS (classes on site), Managed by urban dogs, and Correction . The training of dogs in Moscow is carried out by experienced handlers. The club can assist You in choosing the dog breed, purchasing a puppy. We work with the best nurseries, feed manufacturer class “Lux”, the best vets in Moscow.

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Moskovskykomsomolets club “Argus-Moscow” – is a loyal friend and a reliable assistant when it comes to raising and training a four-legged pet. Our club is working on solving various problems, which can have a positive impact on the education of the puppy and to promote the correct interaction between the master and his ward.

We are working on popularizing cultural dog, advocate for the purebred dog breeding. Our club experts teach puppy owners to understand the needs of their Pets, properly care for them, how to treat players, to build training dogs so that they always obeyed their owners and did not represent a danger to others.

Kennel club “Argus Moscow” aims at the training of dogs for different types of services, so we offer several effective programs to practice with Pets. Among them should be called OKD – General course of training, the sports program the MTA and IPO, with provision of training in the outdoor area, as well as a programme of protective guard service.

Dogs live approximately 8 to 16 years. This is quite a long period of time, during which there is close interaction between the human and the animal, therefore, does not interfere timely to think about appeared in the house the puppy has turned into a smart, loyal and beautiful dog, bringing joy to all family members and surrounding people. This is not always possible to achieve on their own, often need the assistance of qualified instructors.

Exactly such professionals work in the club “Argus-Moscow” and offer advice in choosing the right dog of any breed, professional education your puppy . consultation on diet, nutrition and prevention of animal diseases, assistance in preparing for exhibitions.

The specialists of our club understand how important correcting the behavior of dogs, especially breeds and are happy to offer their services. In addition, the fanciers have a great opportunity to teach your pet on the program “Controllable city dog” and feel not only confidence but also pride for his four-legged friend while exploring the city.

Any training of dogs in Moscow in our club is a team of dog handlers of high class, having all necessary certificates and allowing documents of the Russian cynological Federation.

All of this will be able You and Your dog. The experience and skill of our handlers this ensures.