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The influence of animals on pregnancy

Keep cats away from pregnant women.

It’s not a superstition, but an absolute necessity: your pet can infect the mother-a disease that will do much harm to the kid

People and animals have coexisted together for hundreds of years. And diseases they have much in common – 150. Although for Russia the list can be reduced to 30, because all the other customers of African and Asian exotic. On diseases common to humans and animals, “H” already wrote. However, there is one disease, get infected which in any case can not expectant mothers. It comes to toxoplasmosis.

Toxoplasmosis – a parasitic disease of humans and animals caused Toxoplasma. The source of infection – domestic and wild animals of the cat family. This is one of those diseases that sick once in my life and so easily, that we often don’t notice it. Toxoplasmosis almost always occurs in a latent form. After 2-3 weeks after infection fever, increased lymph nodes, there is a feeling of weakness. The rash sometimes appears, but soon disappears. And here is a strong immunity remains for life: nor of the consequences of the disease or secondary infection possible not to be afraid. This is true for everyone except pregnant women.

At risk not the mother and child

Toxoplasmose get infected in three ways: orally – i.e. directly from an animal and eating raw meat, transplacentally from mother to fetus and, finally, through blood transfusion and organ transplantation (but this, according to doctors, the most rare way of disease transmission).

Pregnancy is the wrong time to pick up this infection. Toxoplasmosis is dangerous because it causes various deformities in the fetus: in utero-infected babies in the future threaten blindness, deafness, damage to the nervous system.

According to statistics, during pregnancy about one percent of women infected Toxoplasma. From them every fifth through the placenta the disease is transmitted to the fetus. So to all future mothers, doctors strongly recommend to undergo testing to determine whether they have blood related antibodies. If you will be pronounced a positive verdict, then that’s all right. If the diagnosis is negative, then the woman should be careful: it’s worth it to get sick during pregnancy, and the infection can be transmitted to the child.

All to the doctors: woman and cat

What to do if the infection during pregnancy has occurred? In this case, you must contact the experts for a more accurate diagnosis of the condition and treatment to prevent congenital toxoplasmosis. Foreign experts say that proper treatment reduces the possibility of developing the disease in half.

The likelihood of developing disease is higher, than at a later period of pregnancy the infection occurred Toxoplasma. An infectious diseases doctor Sergey Zakharenko said: “In the first trimester permeability of the placenta to the pathogen is quite low. Infection occurs in about 15 percent of cases. However, at this time there are the most severe consequences of Toxoplasma infection rates. Second trimester placental permeability increases, the frequency of transmission, therefore, the probability of hitting the fetus grows to 20 percent. When the infection in the last three months of pregnancy, the probability of transmission reaches 50-65%. “. And yet, this dangerous disease can be avoided by observing basic rules of personal hygiene. The cat, by the way, during pregnancy out of the house to expel is not necessary. Show it to the vet to confirm the absence of various diseases. Don’t let her feast on possible disease carriers – birds and rodents. Be sure to cook meat and fish, which feed your pet. Daily clean the toilet, because at room temperature the exciters of toxoplasmosis remain viable for two to four days. When cleaning the toilet pan be sure to use rubber gloves and wear them while working in the garden. And birth a healthy baby!