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The biggest domestic cats

Today we want to present you 5 biggest domestic cats of our world. That animal if not the most, one of the most popular Pets in the world. On our website were submitted to the most expensive breeds of cats, and today we will tell you about the biggest cats.

Usher(ashera) – exotic hybrid breed of domestic cat that resembles a leopard. Was developed in 2006 by the company Lifestyle Pets, and today is the largest cat in the world. The cat – leopard was produced by mixing genes of the Asian leopard cat, African Serval, simple house cat and is named after the pagan goddess Ashera. This kitten is from 22 000$. Usher is the world’s largest of domestic cats, reaching a weight up to 14 kg and has a length of 1 m. Such a cat similar to the appearance of the Sphinx, is considered to be hypoallergenic. The high price of a kitten does not bother wanting to acquire, they are written in the queue for 8 – 12 months forward, as the company grows this rock in the amount of 100 units per year. This cat is the perfect pet, although it has a menacing appearance. However, likes to sleep, RUB feet, play with your children. Simple eats cat food. This is the only representative of the cat family, with whom you walk, leading on a leash.

Savannah – dimensional cat with big round ears. Breeders wanted a cat similar to a Serval, the breeding castlemania cat, African Serval, Egyptian Mau and Siamese, a Bengal and Oriental Shorthair. Turned out the cat with a dense coat, long neck, powerful body up to 60 cm and weighing 15 kg, color chocolate, gold, silver, brownish. They are active, curious, behave safely, in any conditions will adjust to life. Require much attention, with any animals will find a common language. Have good jumping ability. The price of this breed is between $5-10 thousand. the Most valuable cats Savannah as the male gender of this breed until the fourth tribe is barren. The more Serval blood in the breed, the more it is appreciated.

Maine Coon is a hardy cat breed that was developed 100 years ago. Reach maturity to 4 years, males gain weight up to 15 kg, females weigh much less. This is a beautiful, gentle, good-natured giants. The voice distinguishes them from the General mass of cats, he has a distinct bright vibration. Maine coons don’t meow, and gently give voice. A distinctive feature of this breed is the shape of the body, head and coat texture. The head is extended slightly in length, with a curved profile and wide at the base ears with tufts. The tail reaches a length corresponding to the length of the body. Maine coons are amazing cats moving, they combine power and strength with a gentle nature, the look of a wild beast with a gentle purr. They are curious, trying to help everywhere, tireless hunters. The cost of such a kitten from 1000-2000 euros.

Cause – reed breed of cat, called the cat from living in South Asia – Felis chaus nilotika. For a long time this breed was considered to be wild, but since 2003 Cause speaks at TICA shows. This kind turned out by crossing Abyssinian cats cats and wild cane, with a gray-yellowish color, or gray-brown. All cats are heavy built with muscular legs, narrow head, broad chest, almond-shaped eyes, short coat lying close to the body. Wild cat has a weight up to 16 kg, but home reed 6 to 12 kg. A short tail with a black tip, ears set wide apart with tufts, and in the middle of the ears – many edges. Kind and docile animal with a Royal posture striking in its grace, obedience. Love affection, companionship, if not get, may be sad and lose interest in life. Kitten price starts from 1000$.

Closes the list of the largest cats in the world such as breed Pixie-Bob. Pixie-Bob(pixie-bob) is an American young breed, translated from English. sounds like an Elf, and Bob has a short tail. Such a cat with a short tail, powerful legs and a body like a lynx. The only breed in the world that has mnohopillya feet. Body weight Pixie small: up to 10 kg males and females up to 5 kg. The nature of cats discreet, discreet, discreet. Have great devotion to their masters, like dogs. Strangers are wary, but not aggressive. Love game, affection. Have a gentle quiet voice, but mainly silent when playing, emit a loud growl. Trees go, never scratched, loved to play with children. Kitten price starts from 1000$ to 5000$.