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Exotic animals?

Today, many animal lovers are interested in not only the usual kinds of Pets (aquarium fish, hamsters, cats), but also various representatives of exotic fauna. They surprise us with their unusual appearance, variety of color, unusual behavior. So many people are choosing their future pet, literally in my head thought: “Exotic animals? To buy?” The […]

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What are the dangers of household ants

The representative of the most common household insects around the world — red or freonovye ant. Often their bites suffer the little children. What are the dangers of household ants The most dangerous ants – a large forest, accidentally brought into the apartment by a man. These insects can bite and cause harm to human […]

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The biggest domestic cats

Today we want to present you 5 biggest domestic cats of our world. That animal if not the most, one of the most popular Pets in the world. On our website were submitted to the most expensive breeds of cats, and today we will tell you about the biggest cats. Usher(ashera) – exotic hybrid breed […]

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Finches weaverbirds

Birds of continents, rivers, lakes, seas and coasts THE GROUP OF THE PERCHING BIRDS (PASSERIFORMES) A SUBORDER OF SONGBIRDS ( OSCINES) THE FAMILY OF WEAVERBIRDS FINCHES (ESTRILDIDAE) Numerous (over 120 species) family of finches is well known to lovers of pet birds, long ago drew attention to a beautiful species breeding in captivity, unpretentious birds. […]

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The pet care

A funny incident occurred in the town of Campbelltown in Australia. Senior constable Barry spent patrolling the streets and spotted a Koala crossing the carriageway in not put place. The heads of the Vitebsk zoo announced the good news: a pair of Javanese macaques Lucy and Bob just recently became happy parents. Their little baby only […]

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TOP 10 largest birds on earth

The watchers 10.5 thousand known species of birds, only in Russia inhabits 790 different types – and what are the largest birds on earth – will announce the top ten flying giants. Let’s start with the end. This predator lives in Africa, he is from the family of hawk-Dark brown plumage, yellow eyes, tight chest […]

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The most intelligent animals in the world

About the intelligence of a certain level in animals we have long known. Take, for example, at least learning abilities of primates. But this is not the only representatives of the animal world, which can be attributed to the intelligent animal. Dogs understand. Scientists claim that the dog was tamed by man about 10 thousand […]

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Features care for the animals and plants

In the V – VII grades of agricultural work in the educational-experimental plot carried out with the aim of educating the students ‘ love of nature and agriculture, a positive attitude to work. Students gain knowledge and skills on cultivation of major field, vegetable, fruit, ornamental plants, master the technique of field experience, conducting surveillance, […]

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The biggest crocodiles in the world

Where is home to the largest crocodiles in the world? As these terrible reptiles are good swimmers in the open sea and love to travel, they can be found on the coasts of South-East Asia, Sri Lanka, Eastern India, Australia, Central regions of Vietnam and Japan. The world’s largest crocodile — estuarine ( Crocodylus porosus) […]