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TOP 10 largest birds on earth

The watchers 10.5 thousand known species of birds, only in Russia inhabits 790 different types – and what are the largest birds on earth – will announce the top ten flying giants. Let’s start with the end.

This predator lives in Africa, he is from the family of hawk-Dark brown plumage, yellow eyes, tight chest muscles and sharp claws are the hallmarks of the martial eagle. The feathered weight of 3-5 kilograms. He stands on the top of the food chain, he is not in the nature of enemies except man, but people tend not to hunt for him. Why? Only if this mighty predator begins to carry the household-the household animals, it happens sometimes. The eagle feeds on relatively large mammals: dogs, goats, sheep, and snakes, goannas and lizards.

Powerful large bird, also from the family of hawk, lives in North-East Asia. The eagle weighs 9 pounds, and eats mainly fish, does not disdain carrion, sometimes to hunt mammals. This feathered is under protection and is listed in the Russian Red book. We have a sea eagle breeds on the Kamchatka Peninsula and the far East, he lives in Japan, in China and in America.

Striped fish owl

8. Striped fish owl

A fairly large owl, weighing 2-3 kilograms, and the top, as usual — a lot of feathers. Sharks prefer fish,frogs, small crocodiles and large insects. Lives in Senegal, Liberia, Ethiopia, Kenya and Angola.

In the top “largest birds on earth” is the Golden eagle – the largest eagle that lives high in the mountains. The predator feeds on rabbits and other medium-sized mammals. Can carry in the jaws of a sheep or deer – he has extraordinary insight and is able to see prey from a great height. The Golden eagle is protected, feathered weighs 7 pounds. Additionally, this bird is considered to be fast-paced – she can fly at a speed of 320 kilometers per hour. Therefore, the victim has no chance for salvation, the Golden eagles are the lucky hunters.

6. The Philippine eagle

The locals called this bird the harpy-obtianed, they are proud of it and proud habits, so it is a symbol of their state. For the killing of the Philippine eagle, the law may be sentenced to 12 years in prison! The Philippine eagle from the group “hawk”, inhabits the tropical forests of the Philippines. The eagle weighs 8 pounds. Lately I have rarely met in the nature.

5. The South American Harpy

A huge bird weighing 9 pounds from Central and South America. Forest is considered the eagle to hunt monkeys and sloths. Unfortunately, the harpy eagle population is rapidly declining – people are destroying the forest – the usual feathered, habitats.

4. Bird Bearded Vulture

It is also referred to as ice, because he is the first enemy of grazing flocks, the birds weight is 7 pounds. The bearded vulture lives in southern Europe, including Russia. It is a rare species. People destroy it for hunting animals.

African eared vulture

3. African eared vulture

Giant bird weighs 14 pounds. Vulture inhabits in North and South Africa. Very beautiful, majestic bird, and feeds on carrion. To hunt independently very rarely. Carrion has exceptional flair.

2. Eurasian eagle owl

It is the largest owl on earth – 5 pounds. The owl is a sacred bird to many peoples, and the Maya and the Aztecs called it magic. It was believed that at night this large owl brings the souls of the dead to earth. She has amazingly sensitive hearing – the birds can recognize the sound frequency is only 2 Hz is really unique, because one hears only 16 Hz.

1. Crowned eagle

We got to the top, “the biggest bird on earth” is a crowned eagle, the largest birds on the planet. Inhabits the African forests is a very powerful predator, easily hauling monkeys and antelopes. Ornithologists have found that these eagles are amazing organization – they hunt in pairs: one scares the victim, and the second it catches. The reaction of the eagle lightning, to escape its clutches is impossible.