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The prevention and eradication

One of the main tasks of veterinary medicine in the Russian Federation in accordance with article 1 of the Law of the Russian Federation of 14.05.1993 No. 4979-1 “On veterinary medicine” is implementation of measures on prevention and liquidation of infectious and other diseases of animals including farm, domestic, zoo and other animals, fur animals, birds, fish and bees.

A particularly dangerous animal diseases is part of African swine fever. By definition it is an acute viral infectious disease of domestic and wild pigs that affects 100 % of animals, which is spread through food, pastures, vehicles, pork products, contaminated animal secretions of patients.

For a man African swine fever does not represent any danger. This condition affected only pigs.

The spread of the disease contribute to the poor implementation of preventive and restrictive measures to eliminate foci of infection, the absence of pig-breeding enterprises (farms) appropriate conditions for the protection of the farms from carrying of pathogens of infectious diseases.

Typical signs of illness are fever, cyanosis of the skin and extensive hemorrhages (hemorrhage) in the internal organs.

The duty of enforcement of veterinary regulations, including the implementation of economic and veterinary measures ensuring the prevention of animal disease, immediate notification of specialistsalary of all cases of sudden loss or simultaneous mass animal disease, as well as their unusual behavior, according to article 18 of the above Law, is vested in enterprises, institutions, organizations and citizens – owners of animals.

Action at occurrence of the African plague of pigs is set by the instruction approved by the Ministry of agriculture of the USSR 21.11.1980.

In establishing the diagnosis of African swine fever higher body of Executive power of a subject takes a decision on declaring the farm (farm), locality, region (group of districts), depending on the epizootic situation of the region affected with African swine fever and the establishment of quarantine, defines the boundaries of epizootic foci and the boundary of the first (20 km) and second (150 km) of threatened areas, organizes the necessary activities for the prevention and eradication of the disease.

All are in epidemic foci of swine destroyed by bloodless method. The quarantine on the African plague disadvantaged areas removed within 30 days after the destruction of all pigs in the epizootic hearth, the performance of other preventive actions stipulated by law.

Monitoring the implementation of measures for prevention and eradication is the responsibility of the state veterinary supervision.

Responsibility for violation of veterinary legislation is provided by article 10.6, 10.7, 10.8 of the code of administrative offences of the Russian Federation and part 1 of article 249 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation.

So, for violation of veterinary rules which negligently caused the spread of epizootics or other serious consequences, according to part 1 of article 249 of the criminal code provides a maximum penalty of two years imprisonment.

Concealment from bodies of the state veterinary surveillance information about a sudden case or about simultaneous mass diseases of animals, committed during the period of implementation on the corresponding territory of restrictive actions (quarantine) – shall entail the imposition of an administrative fine on citizens in the amount up to five thousand rubles; for officials – fifty thousand roubles; on legal entities – up to one hundred fifty thousand (part 2 of article 10.7 administrative code).