American shorthair cat.

At first glance, the cat of this breed is similar to the striped cat “Matroskin” in popular cartoons. But, looking more closely, you can see the most unusual color, large muscles, beautiful eyes. Interestingly, in America, this cat is a chic decoration and an honorary member of the family. Also at various parties, purebred American […]


5 cities in the world with the most beautiful muraks.

Mural is a common name for works of art depicted on a wall or any large surface. Ancient rock paintings, frescoes, paintings of the Sistine Chapel, monumental paintings, images on the walls, graffiti – all this is called in one word mural.In murals (from the Latin mūrālis — “wall”), the plot of the composition and […]

beautiful streets

5 most beautiful streets of Lviv.

For a long time, no one disputes the fact that Lviv is one of the most beautiful cities in Ukraine. That is why today so many people want to buy an apartment in Lviv and settle here forever.In the city of Leo there are many atmospheric and secluded places. Its streets are of particular interest, […]