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Exotic animals?

Today, many animal lovers are interested in not only the usual kinds of Pets (aquarium fish, hamsters, cats), but also various representatives of exotic fauna. They surprise us with their unusual appearance, variety of color, unusual behavior. So many people are choosing their future pet, literally in my head thought: “Exotic animals? To buy?” The […]

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What human medicines can give a pet?

There are times when you cannot contact the vet, and to ease the condition of the animal is urgently needed. Often, owners turn to the contents of their kits that is fundamentally wrong. Many drugs for people is not only not help but will further hurt your pet. And it’s not just the dosage. In […]

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What are the dangers of household ants

The representative of the most common household insects around the world — red or freonovye ant. Often their bites suffer the little children. What are the dangers of household ants The most dangerous ants – a large forest, accidentally brought into the apartment by a man. These insects can bite and cause harm to human […]

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The training of the dogs.

Training – training your dog to respond in a particular way on a particular conditional stimulus coming from human habituation to certain variety of actions (skills) necessary for the trainer to control the behavior of the animal in daily communication with him and using it for special service. Training of dogs is carried out by […]

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Animal diseases dangerous to humans

The evolution and parasitism Among 1.5 million species of living beings almost 50 thousand persons lead a parasitic way of life. And this is without counting thousands of members of the microcosm, right down to viruses and more simply organized substances. The akantotsefalezov the Akantotsefalezov – helminthiasis caused by koljuchegolovye worms – acanthocephalans, or acanthocephalan, […]

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Homemade danger for pet birds

Even though this may not happen, there are many hidden dangers room the bird may face in our household. Homemade danger for pet birds consist of those things that are safe for humans, but they can be hazardous to the health and life of the bird room. This is because the room the birds are […]

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Children and Pets

Pets and children – as many already written, but I’ll share my experience. It is very a pity to me of children, who never had a pet. Home friends help children develop fully and give them a lot of fun. The first in our family there was a kitten. It was a small red squeaky […]

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Animal kennels

Our club is a team of professionals – dog trainers of the highest class, working qualities, experts and handlers. All our employees are licensed and have certificates of the Russian Cynological Federation. extensive experience with dogs of different breeds. Offering more than 25 years of experience our instructors. The dog training club “Argus – Moscow” […]

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The biggest domestic cats

Today we want to present you 5 biggest domestic cats of our world. That animal if not the most, one of the most popular Pets in the world. On our website were submitted to the most expensive breeds of cats, and today we will tell you about the biggest cats. Usher(ashera) – exotic hybrid breed […]